With this rainbow we declare to all of YOU, who are working relentless and dedicated for the welfare of our people and Mother Earth, our deepest gratitude, our love and the certainty, that we are supporting you with combined strength. This rainbow should be the symbol of protection and invincibility of all the Beings that want to live together in Love and Peace. Please share this message and send your Love.

18th May 2012

С тази дъга ние заявяваме на всички Вас, които работите упорито и всеотдайно за доброто на нашите хора и Майката Земя, нашата най-дълбока благодарност, нашата любов и увереност, че ви подкрепяме с комбинирана сила. Тази ще е символ на защита и непобедимост на всички Същества, които искат да живеят заедно в Любов и Мир. Моля, споделете това съобщение и изпратете вашата Любов.

18 май 2012 година


"Dear members of the Galactic Federation, and all higher beings who would like to help us, but cannot do so because of certain universal laws. Please help us. We are INVITING you to. On behalf of myself as a sovereign human being, living on planet Earth, I ask you to come down and help us. We know you have been monitoring and visiting us for ages. We know you have technology that could solve our biggest problems, like hunger, pollution and wars, almost in the blink of an eye. But you felt restricted to help us openly, because of universal laws and our "official" representatives, our corrupt governments, not cooperating with you any time you offered your help. Today, we call it ENOUGH. These corrupt governments are NOT representing us. We are representing ourselves and we're asking you to help us. There has been enough suffering on this planet, we want it to end. Please come down and help us. We will welcome you with open arms, and a loving heart."

„Уважаеми членове на Галактическата Федерация, и всички по-висши същества, които бихте искали да ни помогнете, но не можете да направите това поради определени вселенски закони. Моля, помогнете ни. Ние ви КАНИМ да го направите. От мое име като суверенно човешко същество, живеещо на планетата Земя, аз ви моля да дойдете и да ни помогнете. Ние знаем, че вие сте ни наблюдавали и посещавали от векове. Ние знаем, че имате технология, която може да разреши най-големите ни проблеми, като глада, замърсяването и войните, почти с премигването на окото. Но вие се чувствахте ограничени да ни помогнете открито, поради вселенски закони и нашите”официални” представители, нашите корумпирани правителства, които не си сътрудничеха с вас всеки път, когато вие предлагахте помощта си. Днес, ние казваме ДОСТАТЪЧНО. Тези корумпирани правителства НЕ ни представляват. Ние представляваме себе си и ние ви молим да ни помогнете. Имаше достатъчно страдание на тази планета, ние искаме то да спре. Моля ви, елате и ни помогнете. Ние ще ви посрещнем с отворени обятия и любящо сърце.”

Уважаеми читатели, търсим преводачи на ченълиг посланията на Уес Анак на различни езици. За контакти
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вторник, 28 август 2012 г.

The Pleiadian High Council: Mothership Interactions and Cleansing of Pollution

-Channeled through Wes Annac-
As you have begun to hear much about the technology you will be given and the technology onboard our ships as well, it is necessary to explain the abilities of some of these technologies that you have not quite yet heard of fully. For example, we are speaking to you in this very manner [channeled] through this scribe, through a technological device of the Light which transmits our energies to our scribe in a manner that sees such energies united and matched in harmonic frequency, even if only temporarily.
We are speaking to you right now through the soul known by many as SanJAsKa, and this soul is in turn navigating and operating our technology which is itself experiencing a funneling-through of our energies and communications down to our scribe on Earth and the various other scribes from our Council(s) who speak routinely with humanity.
Dear SanJAsKa is not always the soul who is operating this technology but due to the extreme expertise and experience of this soul in navigating our communication-based technology and due to this soul’s closeness with our scribe, we have felt it appropriate to allow this soul to Represent us as well as our Council of Nine whenever speaking to you all through this specific scribe.
No matter the operator of our communications technology, it is very advanced technology that is meant to see our energies reached by any scribe who wishes to pick up on such energies, in a way that while acting in accordance with the freewill of the scribe and all who will absorb the communications given through such a scribe, will allow our energies to come through in a pure manner despite many of the egotistical limits of many souls who wish to pick up on our energies but who are still working through dense energies and heart sets in themselves.
We will always and forever act in accordance with your growth and with the overall growth of humanity whenever delivering communications telepathically and [whenever utilizing] our technologies or performing any other types of help for your world that will make us known in any way, but we have seen the opportunity to communicate through scribes as one that must be utilized due to said freewill and due to the fact that were we to openly make ourselves known on your television in undeniable ways, there would and will be many who would not react positively to the news of our existence.
Either way, our existence is to be disclosed fully on your world and we are to make ourselves known as we begin to share our ships and the many technologies accompanying our ships and accompanying our very presence on your world, and you can rest assured that the collective fear that may be garnered in the immediate period ahead will only be temporary as it is explained that we have been communicating to and through humanity for every year throughout your recorded history, and well beyond.
In your most recent decades leading up to your collective ascension, we have been speaking through willing hosts and scribes by utilizing our technology and our telepathic abilities which become open and available to every soul upon entering the realms of the fifth dimension.
The technology that we use to communicate with humanity is only necessary in that it helps our energies to be delivered to your world in much more pure forms that will not be filtered through veils of the third and fourth dimensions, as such veils would not be resonating with and matching our energies in the clear and pure ways that would see a pure communication delivered.
We are able to and quite routinely do, deliver our energies and impressions to humanity and to the realms of the third and fourth dimensions, but our technology sees this energy able to be delivered in a more timely and pure manner than would otherwise be available as the lower realms blocking your perceptions of the fifth dimension have not yet been worked-through and transmuted in a way that would see our communications and energies given in the purity that they are, without such energies being meshed through the denser energies and distorted to quite a degree.
Of course, dear souls, the purity of our communications and energies are still acting in accordance with the growth of each and every scribe bringing us through, and this is why you will see many messages just beginning to pick up in purity from many sources who have just begun to open up to and practice the ability of channeling.
You will see as well, many souls who have been along the path of channeling for quite a while and as such, have acted in accordance with their own growth and ongoing process of seeing them much better-able to bring through the pure energies of Source as well as the energies of any ascended being who one wishes to become open to receiving impressions and energies from.
The technology aboard our ships helps us to perform many of the tasks that we have directly in front of us to help to cleanse your world of the pollution that has been fed for so very long, and we utilize specific types of technology to help us to perform such cleansing work.
One such device which we are using quite routinely in your skies at this time, is a device that allows us to utilize the energies given by you dear Lightworkers and Light holders, expand upon the purity of such energies and funnel these energies which are healing-based by nature, through our devices and as we match the resonance of such energy with our own energies for the purposes of matching your collective and individual efforts of sending out this energy; we funnel your and our energy through this device and this device in turn radiates such energies out to your skies and oceans while converting much of the energy into the healing nature that it is at its core while retaining other types of higher dimensional properties.
This [healing] energy is sent out to your skies, oceans and grounds and it does very much to transmute the energies behind the pollution, seeing this pollution cleared on a very effective level. We are stationed around the most damaging of pollution-giving places upon your world at this point, and continually performing this process.
There are many of us who ‘dabble’ so to speak in sending this energy out through our technology in the specific manner of cleansing your pollution and there are as well, now entire factions of each race of the Galactic Federation who are, with every bit of themselves and at all ‘times’, performing this act of receiving the energies of the Lightworker collective, matching such energies and funneling them out through our technology for the ultimate purposes of healing the pollution in your skies, oceans and on your ground.
As you dear souls know, there are quite a many pollution-centers being bred on your world at this time and this is why our presence in so very many different places on your world has been needed, for quite a long time.
A truth that we tend not to express except when necessary as we do not wish for our Federation to seem as ‘saviors’ of the Earth collective, is that were we not long-stationed in your skies helping to perform this pollution-cleansing work with the increasing help of the Lightworker collective and the energies that you give, your world would have long been on a fast track to [pollution-based] destruction.
We say this not to put anyone in fear as we have long Mastered the act of healing the worst of this pollution while still allowing your freewill to see this pollution hurting Gaia to a certain degree, but it is indeed so that our advanced methods of healing this pollution which have been discovered [the methods] many times by humanity but purposefully kept back under the guise of ‘national security’; this is healing that has been routine and needed for many years of your time on Gaia’s surface, because the dark souls on your world have taken to the most damaging and polluting methods of hurting your Earth that could possibly be taken to, while as well getting you dear unknowing souls to feed this pollution by fashioning it into pollution that nearly produces your everyday lives.
This pollution has Created and ran much of your worlds societies for a very long time and as such, have become ingrained into the minds and hearts of humanity as normal and correct ways of producing your everyday needs and fueling your travels. Much of humanity has long forgotten about your ability to harness energy within the Earth’s atmosphere that many are not even aware exists due to its physical invisibility, but this energy is here and it is ready to be utilized.
While we wish not to disclose our physical location, we are speaking to you from a Pleiadian Mothership which is cloaked in your skies.
We are near many major pollution centers as we are able to travel all around your world effortlessly in our ships and as such, are finding ourselves routinely in different places and never limit ourselves to one area, unless we are showing ourselves to individuals within that area or performing the routine cleansing work that needs to be performed.
Many dear souls have been hovering over such major pollution centers from their cloaked starships for as long as a decade of your time, funneling advanced healing energies through and helping to cleanse the worst of this pollution so as not to see Gaia forced to release the negative and dense energies behind such pollution in ways that have been predicted by other channeled sources, but that are not to come to fruition.
We speak of course of catastrophes being delivered to the surface of the Earth for the ultimate purposes of healing collective density. As you have been told, this is not going to happen as we are again, using our technologies to mitigate the worst of disasters that the collective density has indeed called for, and you as a collective on your world are to utilize your own inherent unity and clean up your world in the ways that have been needed, seeing along with the assistance of our technologies, this pollution and collective density cleaned up in a manner that will not call for natural disasters and such.
We inform you of our technology in an effort to prepare you for all that you are to hear in the immediate period ahead, as even the mere realization of free energy and the devices which run off of free energy will be a startling and perception-shattering realization for all of humanity to behold.
While the awakening Lightworker collective have long been preparing yourselves for the issuance of disclosure and the resulting giving of advanced technologies such as what we have been disclosing here, you are to find that every aspect of your modern Lives are both covered and expanded upon, with technology that is not in any way harmful to yourselves, your dear Earth, or the space around your dear Earth.
Your dark were indeed given seemingly-advanced technologies from negative interests within the Grey race, but such technologies were mostly stimulation and war-based and are still ancient in the face of the many technologies that we will have to share with you and that you will find a supreme Universal upliftment from.
All of our technology utilizes the free energy available in the atmosphere and sky of any world and in your definition of ‘space’, and one of the most interesting aspects of our technology which we have noted as so in the minds and hearts of many, has been the cloaking device(s) in which we utilize so as to keep ourselves hidden from the general perceptions of many unawakened souls who may fear seeing our star or Motherships in your skies.
We say that everything is energy as has been discussed numerous times, and this includes us and our Starships and Motherships as well.
The difference between you on Earth, us existing within the skies of Earth at this point and our starships, is that we and our ships are at present knowingly existing in a purity of consciousness that sees us not only able to know and understand this energy, but that sees us as well able to bend, shape and work with this energy in much more pure and alchemical ways than many of you are able to at present, due to your temporarily-limited perceptions and constraints which you are now breaking through with a might that has not been seen on many other lower dimensional planets.
A facet of this ability to mend and shape the energy that we have come to know as transparent and able to be worked with, has been that of cloaking ourselves and our ships in your skies.
We say that at present, many of you are beginning to now understand the natural Universal Law of Attraction and the truth that anything and everything you give out will be sent back to you, for you to experience. As you are beginning to realize this we happily note many of you working with this energy to bring forth in your Lives that which you desire to have happen to you.
You are now beginning to perform the energetic alchemy that is seeing you become the Masters in which you, we and all others within the higher realms are, and you are just beginning to learn to work with this energy in the same manner that we are working with our technology, in much purer and more understood forms on our end of course, to perform many tasks such as cloaking ourselves and our ships.
We and our ships and you as well behind your beautiful bodies and suits, are transparent energy that can choose to take any form, color or style that it wishes to. This is why it has been expressed tremendously that you are all to find a remarkable and wonderful ability to change your bodies and transform, making yourselves look however you wish within the higher realms.
Some of you may choose to take the form of a fifth dimensional Crystalline human, and others will choose to detach from a body structure and become the pure energy of Source, which you will then be able to change and mold as you like. We say that you will be able to do this with your Crystalline bodies as well, as your pure Source energy will be felt, known and understood on the same fifth dimensional levels as you will understand such things as pure energy in the fifth dimension, and you will be able to mold and change your fifth dimensional Crystalline body just as much as you will your energetic body.
Our star and Motherships are a form of this energy as well and as they are consciousness which makes choices and decisions and even helps to give us advice with many issues on Earth; as our ships are such consciousness they are able to willingly choose as well to change their shape and take a different form.
If we respectfully and Lovingly ask them to perform the task of making themselves invisible in the skies of Earth, than they happily perform such a task and we use the cloaked feature while cloaking ourselves and our energetic or body-temples as well, to station ourselves in any given area of your skies and perform various facets of energy work, such as healing your sky of pollutants and funneling our energies down to a dear Earth scribe who wishes to bring through a communication.
The specific place in which we now exist within our Mothership and indeed dear souls, we have changed positions since this communication has begun, is near a dear Earth scribe who has wished to bring through the impressions and energies of a dear individual soul existing with our Council.
We display our movements and what we are doing in this current moment as well as the fact that we are indeed able to give more than one communication to any given scribe at any given time, to give you dear souls a glimpse of our every-moment activities and of some of the work we are performing for your world and for the Creator at this time.
Our moment-by-moment endeavors in assisting your world include holding routine meetings; amongst ourselves, amongst different factions of the Galactic Federation and amongst the Galactic Federation as a whole. Such meetings wherein the entire Galactic Federation is convening amongst each other is generally known as a Galactic Federation General Council Meeting, if one wishes to label such meetings with your third dimensional words and terms.
We are also taking routine guidance and energy from the dear Ascended Masters, and communicating with numerous souls who are stationed all throughout different realms of your world, ultimately to assist in your and Her evolution to purer states of consciousness.
While there are many dear incarnate Lightworkers and starseeds who are existing on your world and in your specific third dimensional realms at this point, there have been an infinite plethora of ascended souls who have funneled themselves down from higher realms to exist in different realms on your world than those of the third and fourth, in an effort to assist with the energy movements occurring throughout all of dear Gaia’s realms and to do so by funneling such energies through themselves to Create and help many other realms of dear Gaia to ascend.
We have shared many of our technologies during our recent visitations [to various Earthly societies], though we have not yet fully disclosed and given all of the technology that we have aboard our Motherships and starships and this is because the collective freewill energy of any given civilization as well as which specific cycles they found themselves possibly graduating from, would determine the purity of technology and insight we were able to give them to help their civilizations to evolve.
Our Divine technology is a reflection of the Divinity of all who exist within the Galactic Federation.
It is indeed true that many souls upon evolving from the realms of the fifth dimension no longer find a use or need for higher dimensional technology, as such souls no longer wish to funnel aspects of themselves to Create such technology and instead take to Creating many more things that humanity and many souls within the fifth dimension well, would not quite be able to yet understand or fathom.
We are quite fond of this technology in which we are to be giving you, as while working with us and being an aspect of our own Divine consciousness, this technology helps us to perform so very many things, notably for you and your world, that we would not quite be able to perform otherwise.
We have at this time only the opportunity to begin to inform you of such technologies and we will let the announcements do the talking and our presence do the walking, to show you the very true and pure reality of these technologies, of our utilization of them and of the benefit they are to have for your world.
We say that this technology, while not being the only facet of your ascension into higher realms, will assist you as a collective in uniting and cleansing your world in the ways that you have always been meant to directly before ascending. You are to find a unity, harmony and collective understanding of each other and of your world and this, dear souls, is the future that we have all been striving to see, and it is fast becoming reality.
Thank you to the Pleiadian High Council.

четвъртък, 23 август 2012 г.

The Ascended Masters: Your New Lives are Just Beginning

-Channeled through Wes Annac-
Energies of a Crystal resonation and vibration are being funneled down through your bodies and chakras, and many of you are beginning to recognize these energies as they are given through you. You are recognizing that these energies are indeed a sign of things to come, and this realization is making way for your unlimited powers of natural Creation to become known in wonderful ways.
You are beginning to understand the importance of vibrations and harmonic expressions of all of that which you wish to manifest in your Lives, and this is a process that has been guided by your higher selves who are existing in the states of consciousness that they have funneled themselves down to the realms of the third and fourth dimensions from, so as to exist in the dense vibrational planes of the Earth and learn lessons while helping others along their growth to ascend.
But you may say to us – dear friends we [the general Lightworker collective] are not helping others to ascend in our everyday Lives. We are simply ascending ourselves while absorbing and reading the energies and communications that you dear souls give. And we tell you that this energy you are feeling, expressing and radiating out to others, even when you do not realize you are doing so, is having an enormous collective ripple-effect on the energies given out by every soul on your world.
Every action and expression of the Light Creates an effect so very mighty and powerful, and it is understood that you dear souls would not yet be able to understand or fathom the very real and grand effects that you are having on your world and on the collective energies being expressed on your world, but we should say that the energy work being performed by every Lightworker who, in many cases do not realize they are performing such work, has seen the able manifestation of all that is to occur in your immediate future.
You have heard so very much and so very little about this future, and this is why your manifestation and visualization abilities are always very important. We wish for you to exist on the plane of consciousness that is housing your new, fifth dimensional world, and we wish for you to begin to Create in these realms.
We want you to treat these realms as if they are your own Home because dear souls, you are fast to grow into and resonate with such realms and you will find very pure planes of experience and consciousness upon ascending to the realms of the fifth dimension, as you will find your natural Creation and manifestation abilities are vastly and sharply heightened within these realms.
You are all Loved so very dearly and in the realms of the fifth dimension, you will see and understand why we feel such a strong and pure Love for all of humanity and why we wish to assist you, if such is your wish, to evolve and ascend to the pure realms of experience and consciousness and to those extents, we have been working more with your physical reality than you might imagine.
Many dear souls on your world assume that since we are existing within higher dimensions, we are performing only energy work and we are not working directly with many governments, Military institutions and souls who could and do have the power to make a bold, big and positive change.
Of course, you have heard of the dreamtime interactions taking place between us and many figureheads and souls on your world in important positions of power who could use such positions to begin enacting the change that has been needed as well as exposing truths that they have been directly exposed to, as a part of the overall disclosure program that will be taking place.
As so very many of such leaders and souls within important positions have begun to jump ship and willingly and actively work with us in their sleep realms to help them absorb a strong purity of Light, the energies of compassion are arising within such souls as they either step down to allow change to take place, or begin actively working in your Earth realms to enact such change.
There are many who are absorbing the Light that we are willingly giving them and, along with consulting with us in the sleep realms about what to do on your world to help change get enacted and to help truth come forth, such souls are [and will be] themselves taking to active roles to assist your beautiful world.
Strides and turning-points are being reached by individual awakening souls as many of you are proclaiming your distaste of the [lower] Earth experience as you have been experiencing it, within notably limited confines and structures.
Many of such limited structures have come about as a result of subconscious and in many cases, unknowing feeding of such constructs as they are mental constructs as much as physical. Many have been feeding predefined perceptions of reality for so very long and now, you are beginning to realize that there are a plethora of other realities so very pure that one can dip into upon doing the inner-work and opening the chakras that need to be opened in order for one to gain a full and pure perception of the higher realms through such chakras.
You are sent Universal energy through your chakras every moment of your experience, and this energy is funneled down from sources as pure as the Creator of your Universe, all the way down to the Sun of your Solar System and down through the higher astral realms of your world, where such energy is distorted to a degree, farther than is usually attained with the funneling-down of such energy, in order for it to match the dense and covered-up chakras that it is to be coming through upon being funneled-down to your lower realms , through you all to Create your realities.
It has been marvelous to behold the opening and expanding of the chakras of humanity, as while this expansion has been ongoing and has occurred individually for many souls throughout your Earthly history, the mass collective ascension and the collective realization and opening of your Universal charkas which are quite great in number, is acting in accordance with the continually-pure energies you are now being given that are seeing a further opening of such charkas, which will allow down the line, a very pure absorbing of such energies.
Many of you are undergoing processes of absorbing these energies that are quite noticeable, as you notice and can clearly feel your perceptions expanding and as your realities and heart sets seem different or seemed to have shifted. Many have labeled this process as ‘absorption’, and we say that this is quite an accurate label for this is essentially what is happening, dear souls; you are absorbing energies of a very pure potency that we have decreed to be sent down to your world for you all to absorb, and as these are energies of a purity that your world has not seen in so very long, many of you who are more sensitive to openings and absorbing of energy in yourselves will notice the expansion and the shifts in perception that accompany your absorbing of these quite pure energies.
You are finding your perceptions, mindsets and heart sets shifted and your realities are shifting in similar manners, in that all which used to be important to you in your Lives is beginning to be replaced with the always-prevalent feelings of Love, calm and most of all, peace. Many of you are finding a peace and stillness within that has not been reached in a plethora of Earthly Lives that you have taken, and you are re-familiarizing yourselves with the higher dimensional experience; the fifth dimensional experience in particular.
As has been stated before, the fifth dimension is the combination-realm of all of the lessons you have learned in the realms of the third and fourth dimensions, and you will find the rewards for all of your tribulations through the lower realms upon ascending to the fifth dimension.
What we mean is that you will find the natural energies of Love, peace, calm and stillness that you have always existed from and recognized as normal before lowering yourselves down to the realms of the third dimension and existing in extremely limited bodies and mindsets. Those on your world who do not yet seem to be finding the pure energies being given are still in their own way, absorbing the energies being given in less pure increments than those who are finding these energies and being able to assimilate them without becoming too overwhelmed by their mere presence and potency.
You are to find in the near future, many Masters arriving on your world on our always-favored waves of Light.
We travel upon such waves as, upon reaching a certain state in one’s higher dimensional growth, even the wish to travel by star or Mothership becomes less of a wish and many of us instead choose to express ourselves as and travel upon the pure Light of Creation, which every soul is and exists as behind the shells and temporary bodies. We are all the energy of pure Love, of the heavenly realms and energetic structures of our Mother and Father Creator, and this Light is infinite in its capacity and in what it can do for all who can become open to it and understand its omnipotence.
Even the technology that will be given by your star brethren in the immediate period ahead runs from and is constructed of this pure energy in which many souls of realms past those of the fifth dimension choose to make their travels on, and the advanced technology is tech that will vastly benefit your world but that in realms past the fifth dimension, become less and less of a [perceived] necessity.
The pure energy [that fuels Galactic technology] has been sent to your world to Create your realities and filtered to match the specific resonance of your realms and the other lower dimensional realms throughout Gaia’s structure. Even the realms of the dimensions above the lower realms are constructed of this energy as it exists at different octaves and different vibratory, harmonic frequencies.
As the frequency and purity of energy one is able to experience and absorb rises, so does one experience the accompanying state of consciousness that such pure energy constructs.  You are existing upon increasingly pure states of consciousness and sub-planes of consciousness each and every moment of your experience, and the pure Light that is being given in extreme potency which has been discussed so very much, is Light that is vastly less-distorted than that which has been sent down to your lower dimensional realities for so very long.
We have been able to give the decrees to release this Light to your realms in accordance with meetings with the Higher Councils assisting your world in Her evolution, and we have reached the conclusion that this Light vastly needs to be sent to and absorbed within your lower realms, because very many incarnate Lightworkers and starseeds have been making it their intents to not only expand themselves and the energy they are able to bring through which is to ultimately benefit the collective energies in very big ways; many of such souls have also agreed to incarnate or find themselves on your world within incredibly difficult circumstances, in an effort to experience and clear the ‘worst’ and most dense of the collective energy that has been expressed on your world for so very long.
We have previously discussed the tremendous sacrifice that souls such as dear Jesus have made on your world, in that such souls have went through some of the worst of experiences to be had upon your Earth, cleared [the energies behind such experiences] and have been able to assist the collective in clearing such energies on a very big level by doing so. This is a very advanced and pure method of energy work that very many incarnate Lightworkers have willingly agreed to take on so that the collective energy could match the pure energy being sent to your world that is being released in increasingly pure increments.
Because of this and because of the openings being found by very many awakening souls on your world, many of whom are in fact Earth natives; because of all of this we have seen the opportunity to go ahead and bring forth the most important and needed of manifestations.
Dearest souls, you must still allow some more of your physical fading time for the vast effects of these energies to be made known on your world stage, and we ask you to trust when we say that physically, much has been ongoing for a very long time to bring down the dark souls in power who would continue on in their rampages and aspirations if this intervention were not taking place.
Energies of a very pure potency have been released and many of you are indeed noting the personal and individual effects of feeling such energies, and such energies are building upon the foundation of energy that has been laid in very marvelous and pure ways to bring forth the giving of truth, technology and a better reality in preparation for your decreed collective ascension.
We understand that many do not yet perceive of how so much change can be enacted in such a seemingly small timeframe, and we tell you that so very much needed work is being performed outside of your realms and concept of time, and the inner-codes that have programmed your reality for so very long are now [fully] being given back in the hands of the Light and in the Light’s intent, so that humanity can begin to access such codes and the gifts of abundance and freedom and Multidimensionality available with such codes, again in accordance with the long-decreed collective ascension of your world.
Even many souls who are still in line with the agendas of the elites may find themselves wishing to interact with the Light as the Light makes itself clearly known, and as so very many are now courageously stepping up to expose truth on your world and to give technologies that have been so very needed for all of your world, for you all to benefit from; you are seeing the beginning signs of your future manifesting before you at this time.
At this time, you are seeing groups proposing the giving of free energy-based technologies to every country [Keshe Foundation], in an effort to expose the agendas of the countries who will not accept such technologies and to give abundance and peace to the countries who will willingly accept such technologies, and we say that that number [of countries who will accept] is vastly in the majority.
Eventually, this technology is to be given to every single aspect of your world and you are to find a resulting collective upliftment, unity and harmony that will have you wondering how the separation was ever enforced and fed as it has been for so very long. You are the dear Lightworkers making this all possible and you are finding the awakenings and openings in yourselves that are supremely aiding in the manifestation of energies which are again, setting the stage for the physical exposures.
As one grand, physical event leads your entire world to understanding what has been kept from you, you are all to find the resulting exposures on a mass level, of the inner-workings, actions and intents of the dark souls who have kept you all within pre-programmed states of lower consciousness and reality in an effort to control you as they were existing upon higher sub-planes of mental intelligence.
They used such mental intelligence and the coldness that came along with the realms they were experiencing, to control and outsmart humanity as they built up an entire society with many cities hosting monuments to them and their beliefs.
You will see the Statue of Liberty in New York City as one symbol of their luciferian beliefs, as they have hidden quite out in the open the signs of what they have done and have wished to do for so very long. They have thought themselves cunning and occult with the blatant giving of such signs but as humanity is waking up, their missteps in purposely exposing themselves to have a laugh at an unawakened humanity who did not at first sees such signs; such missteps are now seeing them exposed on a grand level by all who are beginning to become open to the very idea and reality of what has happened on your world for so very long.
Alas, the actions of the dark could not have been so without the actions fed by humanity for so very long and you are seeing now, many souls of influence who are stepping up and preaching the much-needed truths and energies of Love, Light, peace and respect for all dear souls.
It is time for humanity come together. The energies and needed manifestations cannot be stalled any longer as the Earth Herself no longer exists within the densities that are fed daily on your surface. Her spirit is far away from the actions of the third dimension while Her body structure which is ascending to the realms of the fifth dimension, is still being vastly affected by such happenings that are bred out of hate, separation and a misunderstanding of the very real effect you are having on a very real and conscious world who has hosted your Life.
There are many who would stay behind within the old ways forever on your world if they were allowed to but there are now very many on your world who are ready to do all that they can to help lead dear Gaia into her ripe Golden Age.
The [Lightworkers] who are not directly stepping up to offer truth and Love to your world are finding themselves performing much-needed energy work and we ask you to continue on in your efforts to maintain the balance in your Lives that is seeing you able to absorb these energies in the purity that they are now being given. You are all Heavenly messengers and Givers of Light and peace to this world who has hosted the lower dimensions and the resulting feelings, heart sets and actions for very much of Her history.
Do not lose faith now, dear souls, because your new Lives are just beginning.
Thank you to the Ascended Masters.

неделя, 19 август 2012 г.

Хаторите от Слънчевите Астрални Полета на Земята – Усилия на Служителите на Светлината, Населяване на По-висшите Царства и Проявяване на Метафизични Чудеса – 16 август 2012 година

Канализирано чрез Уес Аннак

Изкореняване и последващото просветление бяха темата на пътуванията на мнозина за известно време напоследък, тъй като всички вие преминавахте през последните уроци в Житейските си планове, които планирахте да изпитате за себе си преди началото на проявлението на енергиите на Светлината, които ние работихме да бъдат канализирани към вас и вашия свят. Вие абсорбирахте тези Кристални енергии за известно време и едва сега започвате да намирате, че забелязвате самите действителни ефекти от тези скорошни ъпгрейдвания от енергия.

Чистотата на енергията, която ние щастливо ви даваме чрез себе си, от дълго време се повишава покрай важните дати на подравнявания във вашия Календар и покрай общия ви път на растеж, разбира се, а ние работихме напоследък да ускорим нарастването на тази чистота в съответствие с декрета, даден от Небесния Съвет.

Това беше обсъдено преди и е много важно да продължим обсъждането, тъй като в непосредствения период тъй като човечеството ще е пре-образовано относно Божествените Закони и Законите на Вселената, енергийното взаимодействие вероятно ще е едно от най-важните теми, които възнесените души искат да осветят за вас.

Енергийно взаимодействие се случва по всяко време, дори сега, вие взаимодействате с нас и ние взаимодействаме с всеки един от вас, скъпи души, които абсорбирате тази комуникация, на енергийно ниво сега това не е разбираемо за вас.

Вие израствате във вашите новооткрити способности, които се простират отвъд разбирането на физическото човечество и тъй като откривате отваряния и разширения в чакрите си, което е подпомогнато чрез вашето абсорбиране на много чисти енергии Светлина, вие откривате тези способности да идват при вас с повишена лекота. Вие ще практикувате многото способности, които започвате да събирате и с всяко упражнение, с всеки опит ще намирате тези способности да идват при вас много по-лесно.

Това е поради тези отваряния във вас и сега, когато много от вас почистват най-разпространените плътни остатъци, натрупани около чакрите ви, които бяха придобивани в минали Животи и настоящия Живот, вие откривате Майсторството и разбирането на вашия Божествен Вис Аз, идващи при вас по начини, които не бяхте мислили, че са възможни дори и наскоро.

Погледнете назад към пътуванията си до сега, скъпи красиви души.

Не е ли невероятно ясно какви крачки достигнахте покрай вашия растеж и покрай откриването на способностите и сърдечните нагласи на Божественото? За такова кратко време, особено в сравнение с перспективата на по-висшите реалности, всички вие положихте основите на енергията от Светлина, намерение и проявление толкова чисто, толкова небесно, толкова необходимо за вашия свят и тази чудесна основа от Светлина и Любов ще намери събитията, които всички вие чакахте, проявявахте покрай нея с Божествено, бързо темпо.

Събитията, които трябва да разстроят човешкия колектив, когато откривате по-чистите състояния на съзнанието в резултат на такова каталитично разстройване, тези събития ще са базирани и фокусирани върху полагане на здрава основа от истина и откриване, която ще разтърси човечеството до самото ви ядро и основа, Създавайки на вътрешна осведоменост за тези ядра и такива концептуални ограничения и лимити. Мнозина ще осъзнаят просто колко ограничени са възприятията им за реалността и какво е и не е било възможно и мнозина вече започват да забелязват това действащо в Живота им, тъй като личните разкрития са давани на всички, които търсят вътрешно и откриват последващите горепосочени разширения в себе си.

Разбира се, събитието, което познавате като разкриване ще е мащабно и ще повлияе на всяка нация, всеки дом, всеки човек на вашия скъп свят по изключително положителен начин. Самата позитивност и обединение трябва да се съберат след като най-шокиращите разочарования се случат в колектива; това единство вече се основава с много пробудени Служители на Светлината и звездни семена, които извършват” тежкото извисяване” и правят нужните усилия в себе си, за да се пробудят за тази истина като търсят и гледат в себе си.

Вие, скъпи красиви пробуждащи се души, правите толкова силни и чисти усилия само ако можехте да възприемете Земята и начина, по който събитията се разиграват на Земята в начините, по които ние и Небесния Съвет ги правим сега, вие бихте разбрали напълно защо те са направили пълните си постановления събитията да се придвижат напред във вашия свят.

Те поставяха все по-малко и по-малко ограничения върху чистотата на енергията, която сме в състояние да ви донесем. Да, Скъпи души, това беше обсъдено на високо ниво, но с последните постановления, които бяха направени, по-нови и по-чисти енергии ви достигат, които не се намираха/ на повърхността на Земята/ от времената на Атлантис и Лемурия.

Ние искаме да се повторим, за да ви припомним за чистотата на тези енергии, защото сега е толкова много важно вие да разберете, че основата за проявлението на тази енергия и особено на по-чистата енергия, стои на вашия свят.

Всеки един от вас държи Светлината, която е толкова силна и чиста, вътре в себе си и сега вие започвате да разбирате как сте в състояние да изразите тази Светлина, да излъчите тази Светлина и да използвате най-удивителните от нейните способности и от даровете, които тя ви дава, тъй като вие най-сетне започвате да откривате тази Светлина, която беше скрита зад физически конструкции и умствени бариери, положени от всички вас, които искахте да се скриете от трудните Земни опити, в които сте избрали да се инкарнирате на този свят, за да ги изпитате.

Вярвайте ни, скъпи души, изпитващи всичко, което вие, смели души, имате в множеството плътни минали Животи; това беше най-трудната част от вашия Земен опит. Привидно освобождавайки тези опити, когато те излизат за преглед и трансмутация в последния ви Живот, ще ви се струва сякаш това е проста задача слез издигането до гледна точка, в която вие можете да видите всичките си Животи и опити едновременно и да видите колко трудно беше да Живеете през тези опити в сравнение с лесното освобождаване на тези опити, да бъдат трансмутирани обратно в чистата и небесна енергия на Източника.

Наистина, при живота в сегашната ви инкарнация и при издигането ви, вие ще откриете почти безкрайни възприятия, а ние само използваме термина „почти”, за да изразим, че дори издигането в реалностите на петото измерение или откриването на Нирвана на вашия свят е само една стъпка по еволюционната стълба на достигането на безкрайните състояния на съзнанието, където ние ще съществуваме с нашия Майка/Баща Създател, в чистите и Небесни царства на Източника.

Нашия Майка/Баща Създател канализира аспекти от Божествената им структура надолу, за да Създаде и съществува едновременно във всички по-низши реалности, които изпитват съзнание сега. Всяко едно нещо в известното Творение; всяка мисъл, която имате и всяко Творение, което проявявате, съществуваше и вече съществува в безкрайната матрица на структурирана енергия.

Реалностите, в които съществува съзнанието, сами по себе си са съзнание и човек ще открие при издигането си в по-чистите състояния на съзнание, възможността да съществува като много чиста форма на Небесната Майка – Светлина енергия, в която вие ще сте в състояние да поддържате Живот в много голям мащаб.

Скъпата Гая е отличен пример за това, а структурите на душите, които правят различните Галактики и Вселени са също отличен пример за това. Всички ние изпитваме съзнание с все по-чистите равнини и октави от енергия и тъй като ние се издигаме по еволюционната стълба, откриваме възможностите да съществуваме като планети, Слънца, като цели Галактики Вселени.

Не виждате ли, Скъпи души, действително колко безкрайни ще са вашите опити от този момент нататък? Няма да има опит, с който да не бъдете удостоени, нито проявление на Светлината, което да не сте в състояние да донесете чрез себе си, нито чиста октава на Творение, която да не преминете като скъп Майстор.

Сега вие съществувате в трансмутиращата се и избледняваща октава на реалността на третото измерение. Идващите Светлинни енергии, които сега са давани в чистите стъпки, ще видят необходимата трансмутация и абсорбиране на старите, плътни енергии в Светлинните енергии; тези чисти енергии са изпращани с усилие да пробият и изцяло да трансмутират плътните енергии както бе постановено от вашия Майка/Баща Създател да се случи.

Нашият скъп Създател наблюдава вас и красивия ви син малък свят и Създателят лично канализира надолу много чиста Светлина, която Гая да абсорбира, което беше много приятно, хармонично и издигащо за нас, да сме в състояние да донесем чрез нас и щастливо да изпратим надолу към реалностите на вашия свят, които от толкова дълго не са изпитвали такива чисти енергии на Творението. Тези енергии са чакали на преден план точно зад воалите и бариерите на по-низшите реалности на вашия свят и като такива се носеха също така отвъд вашите възприятия.

Както много други, значително по-издигнати реалности са в състояние да приемат такива изключително чисти енергии, по-низшите реалности на вашия свят, които поддържаха Живот в трето измерение и негативно-базиран Живот от четвърто измерение, най-накрая получават пробива от тези енергии, което беше необходимо.

Енергиите на мрака на вашия свят не бяха напълно безпогрешни спрямо нашите енергии и ние установихме портал за Светлинните енергии, които да проникнат на вашия свят и да се синхронизират докато надвишават значително по чистота и количество и влияние, с тъмните и плътни енергии, които приеха формите си като различни видове същества и същности.

Трябва да се разбере, скъпи души, че всяко едно тъмно нещо, действие или енергия без значение в каква форма е, е резултат от зла сила, която съществуваше на вашия свят/и отвъд/ и се организира да бъде захранвана от по-голямата част на колектива на вашия свят, което се е случвало от толкова дълго.

Тази енергийна сила прие превъплъщения като по-низши астрални същества, като негативни извънземни раси и като всякакъв друг тип лъжи, по-низши същности, но енергията, която задвижва действията и намеренията на всеки индивид, е такава, която той трябва да види, ако иска да измери точно /злината или благосклонността/.

Ще забележите, че има много добронамерени души на вашия свят, които понякога действат гневно в резултат на болки в себе си, а ние казваме, че такива души в никакъв случай не бива да бъдат смятани за зли, защото дори те изпитват абсорбирането на Светлина, тази Светлина просто направи пробив в черупката на непробудените много по-бавно, отколкото стана това за много пробуждащи се души.

Това отново е, защото много непробудени души, които несъзнателно захранваха злата сила, изпитаха последвалото натрупване на плътни енергии около чакрите си и като тъмните души и същностите, които ги наемат, даже воалите на много непробудени души бяха в състояние да бъдат пробити и докато се случва това с много по-бавно темпо, отколкото става при много пробуждащи се Служители на Светлината, то все пак се случва и като такова трябва да бъде приветствано.

Това трябва да се приветства, защото способността и властта да се пробият наслоените воали на много непробудени души на Земята е нещо, което не би могло да се случи, ако не беше чистата основа от Светлина, която всички вие сега полагате. Действията на колектива на Служителите на Светлината бяха революционни и еволюционни и всички вие видяхте, че непробудения колектив на Земята е по-способен и подготвен да чуе многото шокиращи истини, които Съвета на Небесата има за вас да абсорбирате, скъпи души.

Възприетата битка между злите сили и добрите сили на Светлината ще ви бъде обяснена, скъпи души и ще бъдат обяснени също така и намеренията на енергия/излъчена/, задвижвана винаги и определила действията, предприети на вашия свят. Значението на енергията и фактът, че цялата ви структура на реалността е съзнателна енергия, вибрираща с определено темпо, ще се обсъди по разбираем начин за всички хора.

За мнозина, които няма да разберат по-технологичните обяснения, които ще имаме, а това включва децата, има души в тези по-висши реалности на този свят, които изучаваха човешки езици, за да получат те експертно добро разбиране на тези понятия, в усилие да се преведат най-техничните и трудни обяснения за вас, скъпи души, по начин, разбираем за децата и душите, които не биха разбрали съвсем някои технологични дискусии, които ще бъдат дадени.

Дори въпросът за злите и добрите енергийни сили и колективната доброволна захранваща енергия и по този начин определянето по всяко време какво се случва и разиграва, е въпрос, който ще изисква много приспособяване от страна на колектива, за да е в състояние напълно да възприеме и разбере.

Много пъти ние и много други възнесени източници в по-висшите реалности сме подготвяли дискусия, която да дадем чрез нашите канали, единствено, за да намерим възприемане и разбиране от каналите ни и от душите, които ще четат и възприемат дадените комуникации, все още малко неподготвени да чуят някои от най-технологичните наблюдения и обяснения по отношение на това как работи вашата реалност и особено как се изпраща енергия надолу към вашата реалност, за да захрани енергийната структура и мрежа, върху която вашата реалност и съзнание са изпитани и проявени.

Такива обяснения са сложни и даже нашите методи на доставянето им до вас по начини, които са разбираеми, са резултати от много консултации с гореспоменатите души, които изучават вашите езици. Скъпи души само ако можехте да видите колко голямо е това усилие и колко много от нас, душите от по-висшите реалности, даваме всичко от себе си, за да помогнем на красивия ви свят да се издигне.

Всички вие сте красиви точици съзнание, привидно разделени една от друга, докато поддържате близки и силни енергийни връзки и обвързаности и всички вие изпитвате красиво съзнание на собствените си предубедени и предварително определени нива. Не само да се проявят опитите в Живота ви, но самите ви възприятия и абсорбирането на енергия Светлина по всяко време се определя от мислите и впечатленията, които излизат чрез вас.

Ако ангажирате каквато и да е ограничена мисловна нагласа спрямо която и да е посока Живот, вие ще Създадете тази реалност за себе си.

Например, скъпи души, едно известно учение за душата, което познавате като Исус в неговия най-известен Живот, беше вярването, за човек, който може да ходи по водата. Всеки път, когато някой от Неговите ученици за миг си позволяваше да чувства и вярва, че също би могъл да изпълни това прекрасно чудо на намерение и последващо проявление, той също беше в състояние да ходи по водата и да изпита такова Майсторско действие от по-висше измерение.

Обаче, в момента, когато тази душа осъзнаваше самата метафизична природа на това, което прави и откриеше последващото съмнение, той се намираше под водата. Това е съвсем буквално колко силни и мощни са вашите сили за проявление и може да изглежда малко нечестно от наша страна да не отбележим, че колективната енергия разбира се определя вашата реалност по всяко време.

Докато всички вие индивидуално определяте какво ще се случи във вашата реалност на базата на предварителните ви предубеждения и възприятия, колектива, разбира се, се съдържа в консенсусната реалност на физиката, което може да е трудно за всяка индивидуална душа, дори пробудената, да проникне и Създаде последващия по-висше измерен опит и възприетото чудо.

Така че, скъпи души, ние наистина приемаме, че откриването на метафизично проявление може действително да е малко трудно на вашия свят, поради преобладаващата колективна плътна енергия, а това ни връща пак към приемането на колективните воали на непробудените, които най-сетне започват да са нарушавани. Това действие отново ни беше толкова необходимо, тъй като докато мнозина все още не осъзнават или не помнят/захранвайки плътните енергии/ в сегашните си Животи, човешкия колектив подкрепи доста плътни и отвратителни действия и енергии чрез по-нискоизмерния опит.

Даже много души, които биха били смятани за непробудени, сега започват да откриват енергиите и намеренията на по-висшите реалности по свои собствени начини и за мнозина това включи да бъдат изложени на шокиращи истини за реалността около тях и за естеството, в което светът ви беше контролиран от души, които искат единствено да видят човечеството затънало завинаги в древните начини и по начини, които ви карат да зависите от тях за всичките си нужди.

Колективът от дълго време е бил в състояние да осигури нуждите ви и в непосредствено предстоящия период вие ще откриете, заедно с революционната технология, която ще ви се даде, значимостта на бартера и обединението, за да произвеждате всичко, от което се нуждаете, вместо да разчитате на някоя корпорация да осигури Живота ви.

Временната финансова система, която беше обсъдена, в много отношения ще бъде базирана на независимия бартер и производството на стоки от вас, хората. Тази система на даване и търговия винаги е била предназначена да се поддържа в употреба докато човечеството не еволюира до състояние на съзнание, в което вие няма да изпитвате никакви липси/или нужда/.

В непосредствено предстоящия период всичко ще е дадено отново в ръцете на хората и докато ще има да свършите много работа, ще сте снабдени със средствата да я свършите и средствата, за да се обедините като колектив и да се обедините на планетарно ниво, което ще види колективната ви духовна структура да се обединява със скъпата Майка Гая.

Този акт на обединение със скъпата Гая ще бъде акт на дълбоко колективно осъзнаване и Любов, тъй като вие ще осъзнаете, че скъпата Гая винаги е била съзнателно същество и винаги е осигурявала нуждите ви, а това включва даването ви на чиста и безплатна енергия от Нейната атмосфера и от космоса извън нейната атмосфера, за да задвижи технологии, които са много по-Светли, по–полезни и по-малко замърсяващи по природа, отколкото технологиите и методите за управление на такива неща, давани сега.

Представете си, скъпи души, че няма повече замърсяване по повърхността на скъпата Гая. Представете си колективното обединение и единство на човечеството като осъзнаете, че има достатъчно средства, храна и напитки наоколо и тъй като работите със система на изобилие за всички, която по необходимост ще бъде базирана на основните принципи на бартера и обединението, отново, за да произвеждате всичко, от което се нуждаете като колектив.

Всички граници и расистки предубеждения ще паднат, тъй като много важните и необходими дискусии за енергия и за съзнанието и за единство на енергията, ще са провеждани и ще ви се представят и ще видите, че цветът на кожата на някого по никакъв начин не означава различие от другите, тъй като всички вие сте конструирани от същата чиста енергия на Източника.

Това бъдеще е ваше, за да се прояви в непосредствено предстоящия период, а с проявленията, които сега много от вас донасят чрез себе си благодарение на чудесно разширяващите се ваши способности за визуализиране, става много ясно за възнесените царства и за душите, съществуващи в такива царства, че колектива на Земята и Самата Земя са готови да достигнат откровения, разстройвания и дълбоко колективно просветление и откриване на Единство и издигане, което винаги е било планирано и което бе ускорено значително с въплъщението на хиляди скъпи красиви, сияещи Служители на Светлината и звездни семена.

Аплодисментите са за вас, скъпи души, защото вие далеч надхвърлихте това, което дойдохте на този свят да направите.

Благодаря ви, Хатори от Слънчевите Астрални Полета на Земята

Уес Аннак



четвъртък, 16 август 2012 г.

The Hathors of Earths Solar Astral Planes: Lightworker Efforts, Hosting Life in the Higher Realms and Manifesting Metaphysical Miracles

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

Uprooting and a resulting enlightenment have been the theme of the journeys of many for quite a while as of late, as you have all been going through final lessons along your Life paths which you have planned out for yourselves to experience before the beginning of the manifestation of the Light energies that we have been working to funnel down to you and your world. You have been absorbing these Crystal energies for some time and only now are you beginning to find yourselves noticing the very real effects from these recent upgrades in energy.

The purity of the energy which we happily give you through ourselves has long been increasing along the important alignment dates on your Calendar and along your collective growth path as well, and we have been working as of late to further increase this purity in accordance with decrees given by the Company of Heaven.

This has been discussed before and is very important to continue to discuss, for in the immediate period ahead as humanity is being reeducated on the Laws of the Divine and the Laws of the Universe, energy interaction will perhaps be one of the most important subjects that many ascended souls wish to illuminate for you.

Energy interaction is taking place at all times; even right now, you are interacting with us and we are interacting with every single one of you dear souls absorbing this communication, on an energetic level that is not at present conceivable to you.
You are growing into your newfound abilities which lay beyond the understanding of the physical humanity, and as you find openings and expansions in your chakras which are being aided by your absorbing of very pure Light energies, you find these abilities coming to you in increased ease. You will be practicing the many abilities you are beginning to garner and with each practice, with each attempt, you will find these abilities coming to you in a much easier manner.

This is because of these openings within yourselves and now that many of you are clearing out the most prevalent of the dense residue built up around your chakras which has been gained in past Lives and in current Lives, you are finding the Mastery and the understanding of your Divine higher self, coming to you in ways that you had not thought possible even a short time ago.
Look back upon your journeys thus far, dear beautiful souls.
Is it not incredibly apparent what strides you have reached along your growth and along your finding of the abilities and heart sets of the Divine? In such a short time, especially compared to the perspective of the higher realms, you have all set and laid a foundation of Light energy, intent and manifestation so pure, so heavenly, so needed for your world, and this wonderful foundation of Light and Love is to find the events you have all been waiting for, manifesting along it in a Divine, rapid grace.

The events which are to upset the collective of humanity as you find the purer states of consciousness resulting from such a catalytic upset; these events are going to be based and focused around laying a strong foundation of truth and of exposure that will rock humanity to your very core and foundation, Creating an awareness within you of such cores and such conceptual limits and constraints. Many are going to realize just how limited their perception of reality and of what is and isn’t possible have been, and many are already beginning to notice this in effect in their Lives as personal disclosures are being given to all who are looking within and finding the resulting aforementioned expansions in themselves.

Of course, the event that you know as disclosure is going to be wide-reaching and is going to affect every nation, every home, every person on your dear world, in an ultimately positive way. The sheer positivity and unity that is to be garnered after the most shocking upsets occur to the collective; this unity is already being found with many awakening Lightworkers and starseeds who are doing the ‘heavy lifting’ and making the needed efforts in themselves to awaken to this truth by searching and looking within.

You dear beautiful awakening souls are making such strong and pure efforts and if only you could perceive your Earth and the way events are playing out on the Earth in the way that we do and in the way that the Company of Heaven does at present; you would understand fully why they have made their full decrees for events to move ahead on your world.
They have been placing less and less constraints on the purity of energy we are able to bring to you. Yes, dear souls, this has been discussed to the helm but with the very recent decrees that have been made, newer and purer energies are reaching you that have not been found [on surface Earth] since the times of Atlantis and Lemuria.

We wish to repeat ourselves in the avenue of reminding you of the purity of these energies, because it is so very important at present for you to understand the foundation for manifestation that energy and especially purer energy, lays on your world.
Every one of you are holding Light within that is so strong and pure, and you are now beginning to understand how you are able to express this Light, radiate this Light and utilize the most amazing of its abilities and of the gifts that it gives you, as you are finally beginning to find this Light which has been hidden behind physical constructs and mental  barriers put up by all of you who have wanted to hide away from the difficult Earth experiences in which you have chosen to incarnate on this world to experience.

Trust us, dear souls, experiencing all that you brave souls have in a plethora of dense past Lives; this was the hardest part of your Earth experience. Seemingly reliving these experiences as they come up for review and transmutation within your final Lives is going to have seemed like a mere simple task after ascending to the point of view wherein you can view all of your Lives and experiences simultaneously, and see how difficult Living through the experiences were in comparison to the easy nature of releasing such experiences and letting them go, to be transmuted back into the pure and heavenly energy of Source.
Indeed, upon leaving your current incarnation and upon ascending you will find nearly infinite perceptions, and we only use the term nearly to express that even ascending to the realms of the fifth dimension or finding Nirvana on your world is only one step in the evolutionary ladder of reaching the infinite states of consciousness wherein we will be existing with our Mother/Father Creator, in the pure and Heavenly realms of Source.

Our Mother/Father Creator has funneled aspects of their Divine structure down to both Create and exist within all lower realms that are experiencing consciousness at present. Every single thing in known Creation; every thought that you have and every Creation you manifest, has existed and does exist already within an infinite matrix of structured energy.
The realms that consciousness exists within are themselves consciousness and one will find upon ascending into purer states of consciousness, the option to exist as a very pure form of the Heavenly Mother-Light energy, in that you will be able to host Life on a very grand scale.

Dearest Gaia is a prime example of this, and the structure of the souls who make up the various Galaxies and Universes are also prime examples of this. We are all experiencing consciousness along purer and purer planes and octaves of energy, and as we ascend along the evolutionary ladder we find the options to exist as planets, as Suns, as entire Galaxies and Universes.
Do you not see, dear souls, how truly infinite your experiences are to be from this point on? There will be no experience you will not be graced with, no manifestation of the Light that you will not be able to bring through yourselves, no pure octave of Creation that you will not traverse as a dear Master.

Currently, you are existing on a transmuting and fading third dimensional octave of reality. The Light energies coming through which are now being given in the pure increments that are to see the necessary transmutation and absorbing of the old, dense energies into the Light energies; these pure energies are being sent in an effort to break through and fully transmute the dense energies, as has been decreed by your Mother/Father Creator to occur.

Our dear Creator is watching you and your beautiful, blue little world, and the Creator personally is funneling down very pure Light for Gaia to absorb which has been very pleasant, harmonious and uplifting for us to be able to bring through ourselves and happily send down to realms on your world that have not experienced such pure Creation energies in so very long. These energies have been waiting just beyond the fore of the veils and barriers of the lower realms of your world and as such, have floated just beyond your perceptions as well.

As numerous other, considerably more uplifted realities are able to receive such extremely pure energies, the lower realms of your world which have hosted third dimensional Life and negative-based fourth dimensional Life, are finally receiving the breakthrough of these energies that has been needed.

The energies of the dark on your world have not been fully infallible to our energies and we have found an entrance-point for the Light energies to break through on your world, and match while vastly exceeding in purity and in quantity and influence, the dark and dense energies that have taken their forms as various types of beings and entities.

It should be understood, dear souls, that each and every dark entity, action or energy no matter which form they take, is all the result of a malevolent force that has existed on your world [and beyond] and arranged itself to be fed by the majority of the collective on your world, which has been taking place for so very long.

This force of energy has taken incarnations as lower astral beings, as negative extraterrestrial races and as any other type of deceiving, lower entity, but the energy that drives the actions and intents of each individual is what one should look at if one wishes to gauge [malevolence or benevolence].

You will notice that there are plenty of well-meaning souls on your world who sometimes take to acting out anger as a result of pains in themselves, and we say that such souls should not in any way be considered malevolent because even they are experiencing an absorbing of Light; this Light has simply been breaking through the shells of the unawakened in much slower ways than it has been doing for many awakening souls.

This is because again, many unawakened souls who have been unconsciously feeding the malevolent force have experienced the resulting buildup of dense energies around their chakras and like the dark souls and the entities who employ them, even the veils of many unawakened souls have been able to be pierced and while this is happening at a much slower rate than it is for many awakening Lightworkers, it is still happening and should be celebrated as such.

This should be celebrated because the ability and authority to break through the built-up veils of many unawakened souls on Earth is something that would not have been able to happen if it were not for the pure foundation of Light that you are all laying at present. The actions of the Lightworker collective have been revolutionary and evolutionary, and you have all seen to it that the unawakened collective of Earth is more able and prepared to hear about the many shocking truths that the Company of Heaven will have for you dear souls to absorb.

The perceived battle between the malevolent forces and the benevolent forces of the Light will be explained to you dear souls, and it will be explained as well that the intents of energy [given out] has always driven and determined the actions that are committed on your world. The importance of energy and the fact that your entire reality structure is a conscious energy vibrating at a specific rate will be discussed in a manner that will be understandable to all of humanity.

For many who will not understand the more technological explanations that we will have and this includes children, there are souls in these higher realms of this world who have been studying human languages to get an expertly good grasp on such concepts, in an effort to translate the most technical and difficult explanations that will be had for you dear souls, in a way that is understandable to children and to souls who wouldn’t quite yet understand some of the technological discussions that are going to be given.

Even the subject of the malevolent and benevolent forces of energy and the collective willingly feeding either energy and thus determining at all times what happens and plays out, is a subject that will require much adjustment on the part of the collective to be able to absorb fully and understand.

Many times have we and many other ascended sources in the higher realms prepared a discussion to give through our channels, only to find the perception and understanding of our channels and of the souls who will be reading and absorbing the communications given, still a bit unready and unprepared to hear some of the more technological observations  and explanations of just how your reality works and especially, of how energy is sent down to your reality to feed the energetic structure and grid that your reality and conscious experiences are manifested upon and along.

Such explanations are complex and even our methods of delivering them to you in ways that are understandable, are results of much consultation with the aforementioned souls who are studying your languages. If only, dear souls, you could see how very large this effort is and how so very many of us souls within the higher realms have taken to giving all of ourselves to helping your beautiful world to ascend.

You are all beautiful specks of consciousness, seemingly separated from each other while maintaining close and strong energetic links and bonds, and you are all experiencing beautiful consciousness at your own preconceived and predetermined levels. Not just the experiences to manifest long your Lives, but your very perceptions and absorbing of Light energy at any time is determined by the thoughts and impressions that you give through yourselves.

If you employ any type of limited mindset toward any avenue of Life, you will Create that reality for yourselves.
For example, dear souls, one well-known teaching of the soul you know as Jesus in his most famous Life, was that of the belief of being able to walk on water. Whenever one of His disciples allowed himself for a moment to feel and believe that he too could perform this wonderful miracle of intent and resulting manifestation, he too was able to walk on the water and experience such a Masterful higher dimensional action.
However, the moment that this soul realized the sheer metaphysical nature of what he was doing and found the resulting doubt, he found himself under the water. This is quite literally how strong and powerful your manifestation powers are, and it may seem a bit unfair of us not to note that the collective energy is as well determining your reality at all times.
While you are all individually determining what is to occur in your reality based on your preconceived notions and perceptions, the collective is as well contained within a consensual reality of physicality that can be hard for any individual soul, even awakened, to penetrate and Create a resulting higher dimensional experience and perceived miracle.
So, dear souls, we do acknowledge that finding a metaphysical manifestation can indeed be a bit difficult on your world, because of the prevalent collective dense energy and this leads us right back to the admission of the collective unawakened veils finally beginning to be breached. This action has again, been so very needed as while many do not yet realize or remember [feeding dense energies] in your current Lives, the collective of humanity has supported quite dense and gruesome acts and energies through the lower dimensional experience.
Even many souls who would be considered unawakened are now beginning to find the energies and intents of the higher realms in their own ways and for many, this has included being exposed to shocking truths about the reality around them and about the nature to which your world has been controlled by souls who only wish to see humanity stuck forever in ancient ways and in ways that force you to depend on them for all of your needs.

The collective has long been able to provide for your needs and you are to find in the immediate period ahead, along with revolutionary technology that you will be given, the importance of bartering and of coming together to produce all that you need rather than relying on any corporate entity to feed your Lives to you.

The temporary financial system that has been discussed will be based in many ways on the independent bartering and producing of goods by you, the people. This system of give and trade has always been intended to be kept in use until humanity evolves to the state of consciousness wherein you will not experience any types of lack [or need].

In the immediate period ahead, everything is to be given back into the hands of the people and while much work will be yours to be done, you will be provided the means to do so and the means to come together as a collective and unite on the planetary level that will see your collective soul structure uniting with dear Mother Gaia.

This act of uniting with dear Gaia is going to be one of profound collective realization and Love, as you will realize that dear Gaia has always been a  conscious being and has always provided for your needs, and this includes giving you the clean and free energy from Her atmosphere and from the space outside of her atmosphere, to power technologies that are much Lighter, more beneficial and less polluting in nature than the technologies and methods of running such things that you are given at present.

Imagine, dear souls, no more pollution being manifested on the surface of dear Gaia. Imagine the collective unity and coming-together of humanity as you realize that there is enough money, food and drink to go around, and as you work with a system of abundance for all that will, by necessity, be based on the basic principles of bartering and of coming together, again, to produce all that you need as a collective.

All borders and preconceived racisms and prejudices about one another are going to come down as the very important and needed discussions of energy and the consciousness and unity of energy is discussed and laid out before you, and you will see that the color of one’s skin in no way signifies a difference from others as you are all constructed of the same pure energy of Source.

This future is yours to be manifested in the immediate period ahead, and with the manifestations many of you are now bringing through yourselves via your wonderfully-expanding visualization abilities, it is becoming very clear to the ascended realms and the souls existing within such realms that the collective of Earth and Earth Herself is ready to reach the disclosures, upsets and resulting profound collective enlightenment and finding of Unity and ascension that has always been planned and that has been accelerated vastly with the incarnation of thousands of dear beautiful, shining Lightworkers and starseeds.

Applause is in order for you dear souls, because you have far exceeded what you came to this world to do.
Thank you to the Hathors of Earths Solar Astral Planes.