With this rainbow we declare to all of YOU, who are working relentless and dedicated for the welfare of our people and Mother Earth, our deepest gratitude, our love and the certainty, that we are supporting you with combined strength. This rainbow should be the symbol of protection and invincibility of all the Beings that want to live together in Love and Peace. Please share this message and send your Love.

18th May 2012

С тази дъга ние заявяваме на всички Вас, които работите упорито и всеотдайно за доброто на нашите хора и Майката Земя, нашата най-дълбока благодарност, нашата любов и увереност, че ви подкрепяме с комбинирана сила. Тази ще е символ на защита и непобедимост на всички Същества, които искат да живеят заедно в Любов и Мир. Моля, споделете това съобщение и изпратете вашата Любов.

18 май 2012 година


"Dear members of the Galactic Federation, and all higher beings who would like to help us, but cannot do so because of certain universal laws. Please help us. We are INVITING you to. On behalf of myself as a sovereign human being, living on planet Earth, I ask you to come down and help us. We know you have been monitoring and visiting us for ages. We know you have technology that could solve our biggest problems, like hunger, pollution and wars, almost in the blink of an eye. But you felt restricted to help us openly, because of universal laws and our "official" representatives, our corrupt governments, not cooperating with you any time you offered your help. Today, we call it ENOUGH. These corrupt governments are NOT representing us. We are representing ourselves and we're asking you to help us. There has been enough suffering on this planet, we want it to end. Please come down and help us. We will welcome you with open arms, and a loving heart."

„Уважаеми членове на Галактическата Федерация, и всички по-висши същества, които бихте искали да ни помогнете, но не можете да направите това поради определени вселенски закони. Моля, помогнете ни. Ние ви КАНИМ да го направите. От мое име като суверенно човешко същество, живеещо на планетата Земя, аз ви моля да дойдете и да ни помогнете. Ние знаем, че вие сте ни наблюдавали и посещавали от векове. Ние знаем, че имате технология, която може да разреши най-големите ни проблеми, като глада, замърсяването и войните, почти с премигването на окото. Но вие се чувствахте ограничени да ни помогнете открито, поради вселенски закони и нашите”официални” представители, нашите корумпирани правителства, които не си сътрудничеха с вас всеки път, когато вие предлагахте помощта си. Днес, ние казваме ДОСТАТЪЧНО. Тези корумпирани правителства НЕ ни представляват. Ние представляваме себе си и ние ви молим да ни помогнете. Имаше достатъчно страдание на тази планета, ние искаме то да спре. Моля ви, елате и ни помогнете. Ние ще ви посрещнем с отворени обятия и любящо сърце.”

Уважаеми читатели, търсим преводачи на ченълиг посланията на Уес Анак на различни езици. За контакти
Dear Readers, we are looking for translators for the channelings of Wes Annac in different languages
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четвъртък, 8 ноември 2012 г.

SanJAsKa: Smile, For You Have Manifested Your New World

-Channeled through Wes Annac-
Note: This message was scribed during the day yesterday, November 6th, hours before Obama’s Presidential victory was announced or known.
The time you’re currently existing in has long been decreed as a transition-stage before the unveiling of your higher dimensional world, and it should always be expressed that you dear souls are Creating your new reality with each conscious thought, action and intention that you bring through yourselves and express to those around you.
The Galactic Federation is working overtime to see-out the many projects and paradigm-breaking events that need to be brought about on your world, and we are utilizing the energy that each and every one of you dear souls give out to help perform all that we are doing at this time. While many of you are still existing within a dense reality that would teach you only to look outward for any aspects of happiness, we say that whenever you are able to break the constraints that have formed the lower dimensional veils over your eyes, you will see that the higher realms have never been easier to attain than they are at present.
There are many dear souls who have strived throughout various time periods of your Earthly history to feel even a facet of the purity of energies that you dear souls are feeling and expressing wonderfully within yourselves at this time and we do not exaggerate when we discuss how easy it is for you dear souls to access such energies now.
It is easier now for you to access these energies because you are perceiving from within a veil that is shrinking increasingly and that is much smaller than the lower dimensional veils of many of those who have been attempting to re-access the energies the higher realms within themselves, in time periods of your Earth’s history wherein the prevalent collective and individual dense energy would keep one from perceiving of these higher realms fully.
As your Earth is speeding ever-closer to the realms of the fifth dimension and as many aspects of Gaia are indeed already existing within the fourth and fifth dimensions, we ask you dear souls to allow yourselves to see and feel the higher dimensions that are making their way to you now at this time, and we ask you as well to see that there are a plethora of souls who are indeed working with all of ourselves to see that your evolution is played-out.
Your evolution out of the realms of the third dimension has been decreed and there is absolutely nothing that will stop this evolution coming about. At present, there are many physical happenings we are looking toward to see the Light energies finally making their way to the surface of your world and being expressed [on the world stage] as such.
The successful re-election of President Obama in the United States will clear the path for the Light Forces to begin working openly and broadly on many Lighted and humanitarian projects that President Obama has been behind without the majority of your world knowing he has been a part of these projects, and the doubt about the Light signature of this soul will completely fade whenever his role in bringing your New World forth is revealed.
Without divulging too much sensitive information at this time, we can say that the President Obama has been playing much bolder and more direct of a role than many dear souls realize at present.
By the time you dear souls absorb this communication, the soul known as Barack Obama will indeed have been re-elected and his re-election will again, signal the beginning of many changes that you dear souls have wished to see for so very long but it is important to express that while President Obama has been and will be a significant bringer of Lighted change to your world, it is still you dear souls who must do all that you can to enact this change for yourselves, as your United States President is only one soul.
It is going to take a collective reuniting for you dear souls to see and feel the inherent unity that you have always known and held within and while there will be so very many souls [even souls you would not expect] turning their attention toward the Light and helping your world to evolve into the fifth dimensional, ascended Eden that she has always been; the projects that will be and are already being established upon your world to bring peace and abundance to every last aspect of your world will require the individual concentration and effort of each and every one of you dear souls who are to be involved in the cleansing projects for your world.
Rather than one race becoming dominant on your world as was the dark cabal’s planes from the beginning, each and every one of you are going to find and rediscover an inherent and collective unity, with yourselves and with every dear soul from every country, every race and every belief system.
The religious aspects of your collective beliefs of the higher realms have in many cases, been the aspects that held you back the most and as [the understandings of] science and spirituality are merged on your world with the coming understandings that will be led by souls such as David Wilcock; former and contemporary religious belief systems will fade-away as many of the souls who looked for their own Light in religious studies and beliefs, will find that this Light has always been within and a reuniting will take place between each one of you and your own individual, personal-held inner light, which you have looked for with an array of physical things.
Many of you have looked toward substances which alter your mental and emotional states and [for some] help you to feel better about your Earth experience, and some of you have looked toward belief systems that dictated what the higher realms were supposed to be like. Dear souls, we could go on and one displaying the things that humanity has turned toward for a validation of the higher realms but the message we wish to give is that you dear souls will find the Light within that you have looked externally toward.
No amount of attempted mayhem or stalling of matters on the part of the dark will be tolerated anymore, because you have reached a very important and critical time in the evolution of your planet and events simply cannot be stalled for freewill-based reasons any longer.
The many Lighted projects that many influential souls have been involved in were indeed meant to have commenced long before the beginning of the current year you are existing within, but we have allowed humanities experience to play-out and we have watched with Love in our hearts as you dear souls took the impetus to begin introducing and reintroducing the concepts and ideas of world peace and a sovereign humanity to the rest of the collective consciousness.
We have watched you dear souls Create amazing, massive rifts in the planetary collective consciousness and we have watched as you looked not to us for the commencing of many changes that we are working on as well behind the scenes, but toward yourselves while utilizing and appreciating the help that we have given you.
We have indeed made the playing field fair, in that we have not allowed the cabals to cause unnecessary harm or mayhem to your planet that is not in direct alignment with your freewill as you travel into purer and purer vibrations, but we have not yet directly made ourselves known and we have not been starting the blog sites, News outlets and Lighted movements that you dear souls have spear-headed and that will be prototypes for the prominent News sites, blogs and humanitarian organizations that will be started-up and that have already been started-up by you, the people.
We ask you to imagine a world that is run by each and every one of you. Imagine each individual sovereign country being led by its people and the entire world being involved in a World Council that will act in accordance with the highest Councils overseeing Gaia and her evolution. Humanity is to be given the reins from the souls who are currently forming the highest Councils of Gaia, as you will have long taken back control of your planet and whether the souls who have formed the cabals would ever admit or realize this; you dear souls truly know what is best for your world Gaia, and you have displayed this tenfold.
You have shown us in the higher realms that you are ready to take back control of the way that your world functions and we will be with you to help you discover the very real effects of clean and free energy, as well as the pure energy that is being sent out from various Crystals on your world who reside just under your surface, and many of whom reside within mountains and large caverns.
Crystals are quite literally everywhere on your world and while the strongest and purest energy-emitting Crystals are being utilized and turned-up in purity with each date along your calendar that you dear souls are passing along; the energy and power of Crystals is literally everywhere throughout your atmosphere and is in fact, surrounding you even right now.
Make your attempts to receive and feel the Crystal energy that is making its way to you right now, dear souls. Integrate unto yourselves and allow yourselves to feel its wonderful and important effects upon your auric fields. Visualize, see and feel this energy coming into your bodies via your chakras and feel as it travels up your spine and out through your pineal gland to be sent out to benefit another.
You are literal receptors of any type of energy you wish to bring through yourselves and this is one key reason that you can access and feel Crystal energy with ease.
As has been suggested, you dear souls are indeed all channelers and you are channeling at all times. At present, many of you who are reading my communication are channeling my energies through yourselves as you absorb and assimilate them. Later, you may be channeling the energies of your television if you are fond of viewing it.
We should say that it is not very healthy for your bodies or minds to channel-through energies of television or radio by subjecting yourselves to them, but we wish to display that you dear souls are all prominent channelers who are always channeling energy around you and it is only the souls who have made conscious efforts in themselves to unlock and access the energies of the higher realms as well as each dear entity and collective existing within the higher realms, who have found such a connection with us. You are all able to pick up on this connection; it is simply that many have lost the remembrance or belief of their own latent channeling abilities.
There is no soul on your Earth who is “more Lighted” than another; it is simply the level that one wishes to interact with their own Godliness that will determine the specific amount and purity of energy they are able to bring through themselves and interact with.
Even the dear souls who channel our energies are interacting energetically with us, in that we are funneling aspects of our own consciousness down to exist temporarily within a body structure whilst we utilize the body structure to deliver a communication unto your Earth. This is allowed willingly by the souls who allow us to utilize their temples and along with the importance of each channeler making their decrees that only beings of the purest consciousness be with them; we as well make our efforts to see that your temples are not interfered with whilst we deliver a message through any dear soul who wishes to communicate with us.
Of course, negative entities are still allowed through if the soul channeling allows them through and this is because of your freewill. If you dear souls wish us to discuss certain matters that we are not able to discuss for various different reasons, some of them being the density of the matters; if this happens than we are replaced with an entity who will answer such an inquiry but who will likely deliver disinformation.
There are simply some avenues of discussion that we are unable to take for various reasons but most souls who bring us through will usually recognize if the connection has been cut-off or if the message has headed toward a certain direction that we could not touch with our energies and impressions. You have all become very wonderfully discerning in which communications you follow and which truths you allow yourselves to integrate as reality.
Proof is beginning to be found in abundance and will continue to be given in the times ahead, that what you are all going through at this time is and has always been so very real. You are seeing now, the Light forces making their impressions upon your Earth in very real and conceivable ways and we say that the changes are to begin picking up in earnest, [only] of course with the continual and active involvement in such changes by each and every one of you.
We come to tell you that indeed, your New World is being shaped and formed into being now more than ever but it is now more important than ever for each and every one of you to do all that you can to help the souls who have been trusted to take care of your countries and your world, to bring forth the change and the cleansing of your world that is to again, begin in earnest.
Your efforts up to this point have assured the victory of the Light that is making itself known now and that will continue to, and we say with a supreme and pure Love in our hearts that you dear souls have worked your way up to this point and you truly deserve all that is to commence from this stage.
Smile, dear souls, for you have manifested your New World.
Thank you to SanJAsKa.

четвъртък, 18 октомври 2012 г.

Hungarian Translation – SanJAsKa: Fizikai valóságotok tükrözi belső érzéseiteket [Your Physical Realities Reflect your Inner-Feelings] Part 1

Translated by Klara Clarissa
Fizikai valóságotok tükrözi belső érzéseiteket

2012 október 08.
Copyright © 2012 Wes Annac. All Rights Reserved [Minden jog fenntartva!]
SanJAsKa: Your Physical Realities Reflect Your Inner-Feelings (Part 1/2)

Megjegyzés: Két részben kell közzétennem ezt az üzenetet, mert nagyon hosszú; hosszabb, mint általában!
Felső Tanácsunk és a Kilencek Tanácsának vagyok a képviselője, és eljöttem hozzátok és e tanácsokon és az Általános Tanácsunkon belül lévők összességének egybeolvadt energiájával. A Galaktikus Szövetség „rangsora” [hierarchiája] mind az együttes, mind a faji lélek növekedésen alapul, mely a különböző rangsorokat formálja, és amely nem az ítélkezésen, vagy az értéken alapul. Mi mind egészen harmonikusan létezünk együtt, és az összhang, melyet magunk között megosztunk – az érzékelt külső különbségek ellenére – az, amit meg szeretnénk veletek osztani, drága lelkek.
Rá fogtok lelni, és fel fogjátok ismerni az előttetek álló időben, mennyire nagyon torzított közületek sok uralkodó megrögzött gondolkodásmódotok bolygóként, hiszen felosztottátok és szétválasztottátok magatokat különböző országokra, más-más vallási hitekre, és különféle Életmódokra, külső világotokat érzékelve és bennük tartózkodva. Ennek megtétele tömeges réseket Teremtett planetáris együttes [kollektív] tudatotokban, hiszen természeteteknél fogva ti mind egyesültek vagytok, és semmi sincs a felemelkedettebb dimenziókban, mely távol tarthatna benneteket, drága lelkek attól, hogy felismerjétek elidegeníthetetlen egységeteket és Egységességeteket közösségként.
Jóllehet az alsóbbrendű birodalmakban, különösen világotokban az elkülönülés és felosztottság visszatartott benneteket, drága lelkek, ennek az Egységnek a felismerésétől. Ti mind Egy entitás vagytok a mindenek fölött valóból, a Fényesített tudatból / tudatosságból, és mialatt átmeneti és sűrű emberi formákat vettetek fel, fel kell ismernetek, hogy természeteteknél fogva tiszta energiák vagytok.
Az energia az, mely működteti és alakítja Életeteket. Ti mind hozzászoktattátok magatokat a fizikai állapothoz, és ahhoz, mit időnkét felkínál, azonban kezditek meghaladni azokat a megrögzött gondolkodásokat, melyek egészen szó szerint csapdába ejtettek benneteket a fizikai állapotban, ahogy egyre fokozódóan rátaláltok a felemelkedett birodalmakra.
Annak az elkülönülésnek, melyet az emberiség tömeges méretarányban táplált, véget kell majd vetni, ha ti, drága lelkek, rálelni óhajtotok az egyesült együttes [kollektív] tudatra, mely képességet igazán birtokoljátok, az elkülönülés bárcsak eljuthatna az ilyen tisztázásra, és épp a végéhez. Nektek, drága lelkek, rá kell eszmélnetek arra, hogy ti mind Egy kivételes és végtelen tudat vagytok, és hogy ti mind energiák is vagytok, és ezen felfogás emléketek és észlelésetek előterébe kerülésével egy harmonikus egységre leltek majd minden egyes személlyel körülöttetek.
A gyűlölködéseket, félelmeket és az általános előítéleteket világotokban táplálták a különböző osztályok, fajok és lélek nemek között, és rá kell találnotok az elkülönülésre, mely jelenleg visszatart benneteket, egyszerűen azáltal, hogy elolvadnak. Jelenlétünknek világotokban egy jelentős történésnek kell lenni történelmetekben, és valójában egészen forradalmi a világotok számára, hiszen önmagatokat úgy fogjátok érzékelni, hogy véghezvittétek az Első Kapcsolatot, azonban ezt természetesen elmagyarázzák majd, hogy rutinosan létesítettünk kapcsolatot világotokkal időtök egy egész nagy mennyiségében.
A Galaktikus Szövetség régebb óta létezik, mint Gaia planetáris szerkezete a jelenlegi formájában, melyben létezik, és megfigyeltük világotokat, és segítettünk nektek mind felemelkedni minden időszakon belül történelmetek egészén át. Időnként közvetlenebbek voltunk a kölcsönhatásainkkal, és időnként, egyszerűen hagytuk, hogy lejátsszátok élményeiteket, ahogyan az szükséges volt, hiszen benneteket, drága lelkek, engedni kellett, hogy végignézzétek élményeiteket, ha szeretnétek a megfelelő fejlődést elérni.
Kérünk benneteket, drága lelkek, hogy fedjétek fel magatoknak, és olvasszátok el a félelmeket, és az elkülönülésen alapuló magatartásokat önmagatokon belül, miszerint sokan közületek nem lehettek tudatában annak, ami még mindig a felszín alatt rejlik, hiszen eseményeket adnak át Életetekben, melyek arra szolgálnak, hogy segítsék leleplezni számotokra ezt a félelmet, ahogy átváltoztatjátok hatványozottan azt, mely visszatartott benneteket.
Közületek néhányan még mindig őriztek lappangó félelmeket magatokban, mely nem létezik, miszerint nem azért vagyunk világotokban, hogy segítsünk fejlődésetekben, és kérünk titeket, értsétek meg, hogy az igazság, melyre ráleltek és elismertek magatokban elnyomásra került legújabb történelmetek nagy részén, és az előnyben részesített, és felállított megrögzött gondolkodásmódok velünk kapcsolatosan szándékosan nevelték bele kultúrátokba, azért, hogy mindnyájatokat visszatartsanak azon a sugárúton, hogy képesek legyetek hinni egy valódi kapcsolatban velünk.
A sötét lelkek világotokban egy egészen bonyolult hálót szőttek, és propagandájukat berétegezték meglehetősen sűrűn létezésetek pontjáig a nevetségesség révén, vagy sok számára, a félelem tárgyként: hiszen sokan félnek jelenlétünktől világotokban, mert félnek egy érzékelt inváziótól [az alsóbbrendű erőktől], melynek megtörténtét nem engedik meg.
Nincsenek beteges szándékaink irányotokban, vagy világotok irányában, és a leleplezés teljesítésével rátaláltok majd erre az igazságra, hiszen mindent, melyet értetek tettünk, el fogják magyarázni. Elmagyarázzák majd, hogyan kereszteztük sötétjeitek kísérleteit, hogy felfegyverezzék az űrt, hiszen volt számos kísérlet.
El fogják majd magyarázni, hogy megállítottunk más rossz szándékú fajokat világotok „megszállásától”, és el fogják magyarázni, hogy minden, ami a sötétségből került előidézésre világotokban, megválaszolásra került jelenlétünk és a Fény jelenléte által. Itt vagyunk értetek drága lelkek, és ahogy közületek oly nagyon sokan maguk kezdenek ráébredni jelenlétünkre, és óhajunkra, hogy segítsünk benneteket személyes és együttes [kollektív] felemelkedésetekben, veletek egy könnyebb kapcsolati vonalra találunk rá.
Oly nagyon csodálatos volt számunkra, és most is az, hogy érzékelünk benneteket, ahogy ránk nyitottá váltok, hiszen régóta várunk arra, hogy újra összekapcsoltak legyünk különösen veletek, drága lelkek, akik valóban összekapcsoltak voltatok velünk azelőtt, azonban akik egyszerűen elfelejtették az ilyen élményt, ahogy a behelyezett feledékenység fátylai vezettek benneteket.
A fátylak, melyek alatt jelenleg működtök, szükségesek az alsóbbrendű dimenziók észleléséhez anélkül, hogy a felemelkedettebb birodalmaknak kitennének benneteket, addig, míg a megfelelő Létösvény nem működik, és valójában nem működik egyik entitás sem sötétséggel, vagy rossz szándékkal. Számos leleplezés lesz számotokra, drága lelkek, az előttetek álló időben, és az egyik nagy tévképzet az, hogy nekünk kell tisztítani, mely abból való lesz éppen, mennyi erővel bírtak az alsóbbrendű erők világotokban.
Ahogy a sötét lelkek világotokban, valamint az alsóbbrendű asztrál lények, akik őket alkalmazzák, sok drága tudattalan lelket vettek rá, hogy őket táplálják az előre megszabott megrögzött gondolkodásokkal, melyekre a sötétek vettek rá sokat világotokban, hogy elhiggyék – [szinte] minden találmány a sötétek részéről az általuk kiadott propaganda oldalára írható.
Az a tény, hogy a feledékenység egy fátyla alatt működtök, természetesen nem egy kísérlet az alsóbbrendű entitások [lények] részéről, hogy visszatartsanak benneteket drága lelkek, hanem inkább a fátylak, melyek alatt működtök szükségesek, azért, hogy ráeszmélhessetek az ilyen fátylak káprázati és lezárt természetére, ahogy dolgoztok, hogy elnyomjátok őket magatokban.
A sötét lelkeknek valójában csupán annyi hatalmat adnak, amennyivel ti, drága lelkek ruházzátok fel őket, és ha nem ruházzátok fel őket túl sok hatalommal, és szándékkal feléjük, akkor csupán tápláljátok őket és cselekedeteiket, és ezért van az, hogy bármely sugárutat igénybe vettek, melyen keresztül összpontosítani tudják a félreinformálásukat, olybéli próbálkozásban, hogy meggyőzzenek benneteket, drága lelkek, hogy ők irányítanak, és hogy a lelkek, akiket alkalmaznak, hatalmon vannak.
Írnokunk észrevette, hogy sok drága lélek világotokban még mindig megtapasztalja a vegyi csíkok [chemtrails] és környezetszennyezés megjelenítését egeiteken.
Azt mondjuk, hogy az együttesen megjelenített [manifesztált] Fénnyel dolgozunk bármely adott területen, hogy segítsünk megsemmisíteni ezeket a vegyi csíkokat folyamatosan, és különböző „állomások” vannak, melyeket vehetünk, hogy hasznosítsuk az együttes Fényt, hogy feloldjuk a megjelenített [manifesztált] környezetszennyezést bármely adott területen.
Világotokban minden terület megtapasztalja a vegyi csíkok kitisztítását egy s más fokig, azonban a Fényesített munka hatása, melyet képesek vagyunk véghezvinni a vegyi csíkok kitisztításának és a környezetszennyezés nagy részének vonatkozásában egeitekben általában – ismételten – azáltal meghatározott, mennyi, és milyen tiszta a Fény, melyet tőletek, drága lelkek kapunk.
A sötéteket hatalommal való felruházás, mellyel ők nem rendelkeznek, csupán a sötét törekvéseiket fogja segíteni, mely miatt kérünk titeket, drága lelkek, hogy lássátok meg, hogy még világotok területei is, melyeket a vegyi csíkokkal permeteznek be, még mindig átélik ezen csíkok tisztítását, azonban ha az együttes Fényesített energia még mindig tompa [bármely adott területen], mi csupán ennyi munkát vagyunk képesek véghezvinni.
Vannak világotoknak bizonyos területei, melyen véghez tudjuk vinni ezt a tisztítást, azonban még mindig hagynunk kell, hogy úgy tűnjön, mintha ott lennének [az együttes hit miatt, miszerint nem semlegesíthetők], és ennek megtételénél megengedjük nekik, hogy láthatók legyenek, a hatások legrosszabbjaitól való tisztítás alatt, melyet rátok mérhettek volna, drága lelkek.
Közületek sokan még mindig látjátok és észreveszitek őket, és még azt is, melyet szemügyre vesztek, keményen lecsökkentették negatív hatásaiban, melyet rátok gyakorolhattak volna, azon a Fényen alapulva, mely a területeken adott. Legdrágább lelkek, teljesen megállíthatjátok a vegyi csíkok [chemtrails] sikeres permetezését, és megállíthatjátok a hatásokat, melyeket rátok mérnek, ha egyszerűen ráirányítjátok együttes, illetve még egyéni Fényeteket is egeitekre, a csíkokra, és a lelkekre, akik érintettek a permetezésben.
Sokkal szélesebb szemléletmódot átadva: ti, drága lelkek, segíthettek a sötét energiák egészének a tömeges átváltoztatásában minden formában, melyet felvettek, azáltal, hogy együttes és egyéni Szereteteket ráirányítjátok a titkos szövetkezésekre [cabalra], és minden lélekre is, kiket a titkos szövetkezések alkalmaznak.
Célozzátok Szereteteket a bolygó azon emberei irányába, akik permetezik az adott szennyeződést egeiteken, és célozzátok Szereteteket az egekre, és magukra a csíkokra, és mi venni fogjuk az ilyen energiát hajóink fedélzetén, és összpontosítjuk technológiáinkon keresztül, mely utána az ilyen energiát kiküldi, hogy megsemmisítse a csíkokat, és az összes többi szennyeződést egeiteken, és talajotokon. Valójában találjatok rá magatokban, hogy elvégezzétek ezeket a Fényesített cselekedeteket, és ráleltek arra a változásra, melyre vágytok!
Drága lelkek, átmentek egy átmeneti, véges Föld élményen, és mialatt világotokban vagytok, azt tanítják nektek, hogy csupán véges [körülhatárolt] lények vagytok, egy véges természet miatt, amelyet környezetetek visszhangozza, és számotokra Teremtetett, hiszen hisztek bennük.
Először arra szántak, hogy legyen az illúziónak, saját gyártmányotoknak egy hologramja, hogy benne működjetek és körüljátsszátok, és hogy lassan Teremtsetek benne, gondolataitokon alapulva a körülöttetek lévő valóságotokról, és a sötét lelkek azt óhajtották, hogy legyen fortély abban, hogy rávegyenek benneteket Teremtésük előre megszabott valóságainak táplálására. Valóságotok valójában saját magatok egy Teremtménye, azonban egyszerűen rávettek benneteket, drága lelkek, hogy tápláljátok a hamis valóságokat, és elhiggyétek, hogy a hamis valóságok, melyeket tápláltatok, az egyedüli valóságok, amikor valójában nem azok.
A kulcs szempontja annak, hogy rávegyenek benneteket, drága lelkek arra, hogy folyamatosan tápláljatok egy alsóbbrendű dimenziós valóságot, az volt, hogy folyamatosan rábírtak benneteket a táplálására félelemnek, illetve a félelem táplálásának egyik jellege a titkos szövetkezések [cabals] cselekedeteinek táplálása azáltal, hogy sok dologgal felruházzátok őket, vagy az [alsóbbrendű] asztrál alkalmazottjaikat, mely egyszerűen nem az ő tettük.
A sötét lelkek óhajtják, hogy azt gondoljátok, és érezzétek, hogy ők vannak hatalmon, és tudják, hogy sok lélek felébredése magában foglalja azon cselekedetekre való ráébredést, melyeket a sötétek tettek, és ez az, ahol manipulálni szeretnék gondolataitokat, drága lelkek, hogy ebben gondolkodjatok, amiatt, amit tettek világotokkal, és amiatt, amire rávettek benneteket, hogy tápláljátok, miszerint világotok teljes „ellenőrzésében” vannak, és ez egyszerűen nem így van.
Rá kell találnotok egy kiterjeszkedett érzékelésre az előttünk álló időben, ahogy a leleplezések és a felfedésekből átadott igazságok megmutatják nektek, hogy a sötétek nem voltak olyan nagyon hatalmon, ahogy azt hiszitek, hiszen világotokban ez időben a Fény erői látják a sötét lelkek befolyását jelentősen csorbulni, ahogy közületek egyre többen kezditek érezni azon Fényenergiáknak a természetét, melyekkel csupán ideiglenesen veszítettétek el összekapcsoltságotokat.
Világotokban a sötét lelkekből még [a magukban őrzött] Fényt sem oltották ki teljesen, hanem egyszerűen elhomályosították, és átmenetileg átvették a sötét és sűrű energiák, melyek egészen szó szerint működtették a sötét lelkek Életét és tetteit.
Számotokra, drága ébredő lelkek ez időben meglehetősen egy egyesítő [integráló] időszak történik, és most kezditek el kiemelni fejeteket a hosszú, sötét és sűrű alagútból, mely csapdában tartott benneteket, és valóságotokra korlátozott, részetekről mindannak a táplálásával, mely elterelt benneteket az ilyen alagútból kifelé vezető tiszta ösvényről.
Most, hogy rátaláltok a kiterjeszkedett elme és szív beállításokra, melyek képesnek látnak most arra, hogy rátaláljatok saját utatokra kifelé ezekből az alagutakból és hogy rátaláljatok a csodálatos napsugárral tarkított felemelkedett völgyekre. Ahogy rájuk találtok távozásotokkal, arra is ráleltek, hogy önmagatok minden része, mely még nem egyesült [integrálódott] és nem változott át, hogy kibontakozó felemelkedettebb dimenziós önvalótokkal összhangban cselekedjen, most felszínre bukkan épp csupán ezen átváltoztatás miatt.
Önmagatok korábbi részei készen állnak, hogy egyesüljenek és átváltozzanak, és ez a folyamat együtt jár azzal, hogy pontosan annak tesznek ki, mely önmagatok ilyen részeinek alsóbbrendű jellegeit táplálta, azért, hogy szembenézhessetek az ilyen dolgokkal, szemtől szemben, és magatokat átváltozni találjátok, mely az előkészített és korlátozott állapotokban tartott oly nagyon sokáig.
Legdrágább lelkek, hihetetlenül nagy lépéseket tesztek most, és eléritek a végső pontokat, melyeket el kell érni, hogy az alsóbbrendű dimenziós élmények maradványait egységbe rendezni [integrálni] lássanak benneteket, melyeket előzőleg megbélyegeztetek, és túlságosan kemény volt számotokra, hogy felszínre bukkanjanak.
Mindnyájatokat eltereltek szándékolt ösvényetekről számos alkalommal az Életek özönén keresztül végig, és azt mondjuk, hogy nem számít a mérték, mely terjedelemben ösvényetekről lejöttetek, mindig is a teljes tudat ösvényén voltatok és még ott is vagytok: ez egyszerűen az, hogy meghoztátok a döntéseket, melyek benneteket eltérő kereszteződésekre vezetett el ezen ösvény mentén.
Eltérő Élet- és létezési stílusokat választottatok, és kipróbáltatok különböző eszmetanokat / világszemléleteket [ideológiákat] és megrögzött gondolkodásmódokat az Életek özöne alatt, hogy meglássátok, melyik rezeg együtt veletek a legjobban, mielőtt ráfordultatok volna az ösvényre, hogy átalakítsatok mindent, mely visszatartott benneteket [a felemelkedettebb birodalmaktól].
Arra szántak benneteket, hogy élvezzétek az alsóbbrendű dimenziós élményt, és hogy rátaláljatok a szépségre minden időszak minden Életében, hiszen még a legsötétebb időszakokban is világotokban volt néhány legszebb a felemelkedettebb dimenziós energiák szempontjából, melyet érezni lehetett, és hozzá lehetett férni, azonban ez egyszerűen nem volt az ilyen időkben.
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петък, 21 септември 2012 г.

Хаторите от Слънчевите Астрални Полета на Земята: Разнообразие на Звездни семена, Промяна в Енергийните постановления и Вашата Колективна Устойчивост Чрез Уес Аннак

Вие чувствате в себе си промяна на възприятията, които сте поддържали толкова много през множеството минали Земни Животи, а ние помагаме в изпращането на енергията, която направи възможно това чувство.

Ние ви молим, скъпи души, да сте наясно съд себе си сега, когато откривате възприятията си променени по начин, който може да бъде понякога некомфортен, докато наблюдавате изкореняването и излагането на тези бивши части от себе си, които излизат за преразглеждане и трансмутация. Всички вие сте красива Богове, които избраха да преминат през временна Земна Човешка форма и сега изпитвате енергийните ъпгрейдвания и също възходите ,които  правят път, така че вашето Многоизмерно възприятие да тече напред по безпрецедентни начини.

Бъдете сигурни, скъпи души, че всичко, което се случва в този момент, се случва в съответствие с най-висшето намерение за проявление на издигането на вашия свят и всички вие преминавате през опити, които може да изглеждат така, сякаш ви повалят на моменти, но те служат както катализатори за вашия краен растеж и откриването на вродените ви по-висшеизмерни същности и способности и възприятия, които вие винаги сте носили със себе си и че вие просто сте си позволили да забравите за това през множеството Земни Животи.

През различните си животи вие бяхте учени само да се придържате към определена мисловна структура и рамка и някои изпитват по-бавен растеж от такива настоящи ограничения и предубеждения за реалността, в която всички вие се намирате, докато други откриват разширение в себе си, което не е било достигано в предишните им Животи.

Майсторите, които вие винаги сте били, се разгръщат в телата ви и пред самите ви очи и ние най-силно аплодираме всеки един от вас, които си позволихте да преминете през най-интензивните от кармичните и  Житейски опити, които установихте за себе си, тъй като вие излизате от различните си опити като сияйни и удивителни Богове на Земния опит.

Докато вашите различни религии и догми ви учеха само да търсите навън  доброжелателна същност да ви покаже пътя към пълно съзнание, най-голямата тайна, която е била пазена от човечеството в продължение на поколения, е, че вие всички сте Богове и всички вие носите вътре в себе си силите, открити и изразени от мнозина, което се е случвало многократно във вашата история. Също така е имало много души, които са се издигнали на вашия свят и са избрали да се върнат и да посочат пътя и да станат пазители на портите за различни души от вашия свят, които преживяха и ще преживеят възнесение.

Много от вас, скъпи души, дойдохте от различни квадранти и области на Творението и сте очаровани да наричате себе си звездни семена, пътешественици и пазители на Светлината и това е точно което сте вие, скъпи души; тъй като всяка душа от по-висшите реалности, помагаща на вашия свят, е дошла от различни светове и реалности на съзнанието.

Всеки скъп Служител на Светлината и Пазител на Светлината, който изпитва съзнание на вашата красива повърхност сега, се е отправил към вашия свят (1) от различни планети и опити и всички вие дойдохте на този свят с много силна и чиста линия на връзка с вашите възнесени енергии и със способностите, които стоят във вашите възнесени енергии.

Всички вие сте дошли на този свят, за да помогнете на другите да намерят пътя си и когато откривате способностите в себе си, които предизвикват спомен за по-висшите измерения, както и за взаимодействията ви с по-висшите измерения, вие сте /и ще/ се намерите в състояние да покажете такива способности на другите и да покажете реалността на използване на такива способности на другите, също така, а те на свой ред изучават тези способности и откриват разширяване в себе си, от което те се нуждаеха, за да ги види далеч по-добре съответстващи на чистите енергии на петото измерение, които си проправят път към вашата повърхност сега в повишена чистота, с всяко постъпване на такива енергии.

Преди доктрините бяха ние да изпращаме постоянно чиста енергия от пето измерната Нова Земя, която се оформя и извайва от нас и вас, както казваме; беше ни даден декрет просто да изпращаме тази енергия надолу във все по-чисти форми около всяка дата от вашия Космически Календар, но тъй като вие скъпи пробуждащи се души, многократно забелязахте, вие успешно сте във вашата 2012 година и в резултат на това, към нас бяха отправени декрети постоянно да увеличаваме чистотата на тази енергия чрез това, което би ви се сторило невероятно малки подобрения всеки път, когато тя е изпратена надолу към вашата повърхност и до различните други реалности из повърхността на скъпата Гая.

Разликата между това, което ние правим сега и което сме правили от доста дълго време, докато вие постоянно се приспособявахте към по-чистите честоти, към които се насочва скъпата Гая, тъй като тя наближава Галактическия Център и открива върховна чистота на пето – измерни Галактически енергии; разликата е, че ние сега работим много по-активно, за да увеличим чистотата на енергиите, които ви даваме, тъй като ние ги изпращаме надолу във все по-чисти мерки всеки път, когато са изпратени надолу към вашия свят, за да Създават вашите реалности и да бъдат абсорбирани от всички вас и от различните чакри на повърхността на Гая и също така в Нейните вътрешни реалности.

Ние сме работили, за да ви изпратим тази енергия в повишена чистота покрай всяка дата във вашия Космически Календар, който е синхронизиран или предназначен да види освобождаване на постоянно по-чисти енергии.

Покрай изпълнението на тази работа, ние и всички вие помогнахме активирането на звезден портал след звезден портал, много от които действаха пълноценно по време на Атлантис и някои от които дори все още не бяха отваряни в онези времена. Вашите енергии и вашата колективна и индивидуална Работа за Светлината – базирани намерения също така видяха отварянето на множество звездни портали и врати от енергия, които сега изцяло донасят енергиите на петото измерение и с неотдавнашната случка или „събитие”, както вие, скъпи пробуждащи се души, бихте го възприели, сега ние сме упълномощени да изпращаме надолу енергия, която е все по-чиста след всеки дар на такава енергия през вашата повърхност.

Скъпи души, опитайте се да схванете колко много от вашите възприети „пъти” тази енергия е изпращана надолу, за да Създава постоянно, да поддържа и помага на вашата реалност да се възнесе. Тази енергия буквално ви е изпращана по всяко време, а броя на „пъти” - те, когато ви е била давана значително превъзхожда дори вашите дефиниции на безкрайността.

Опитайте се да разберете, че тази енергия постоянно е изпращана и сега, с всяка постоянна безкрайност на даване на тази енергия, която ви изпращаме, нейната чистота нараства много устойчиво и много леко, така че да можете да се възползвате от такава все по-чиста енергия идваща чрез вашите чакри и абсорбирана от всички ваши физически и етерни клетки.

Всички вие откривате като резултат много по-силно и по-чисто приемане на Светлината и ние силно ви насърчаваме да си почивате, тъй като сега вие ускорено и постоянно абсорбирате енергии, които ще изискват още повече вътрешни катаклизми в сравнение с това, което е постигнато до момента.

Забелязваме, че съвсем от скоро много от вас, скъпи пробуждащи се души забелязаха дори още повече „промяна във въздуха”, така да се каже, отколкото обичайно, тъй като всички вие откривате, че съществувате във все по-чисти и различни възприятия и ние казваме, че чувствата ви в този аспект са доста точни, скъпи души.

Вие съществувате в съзнание, в което много от вас не са съществували, откакто за първи път паднахте в по-низшите реалности и тъй като откривате тези/по-нови/ енергии, ние ви ги даряваме, каквато беше нашата щастлива работа, която вършим от доста дълго от вашето „време” – ние даряваме тези енергии сега много по-бързо, отколкото ни беше позволено до сега.

Ние трябва да кажем, че напоследък, тъй като годината ви достига повече край, отколкото много от вас вероятно сега осъзнават, правят се декрет след декрет от скъпите Възнесени Майстори и от Най-Висшите Съвети наблюдаващи вашата Земя и Нейното издигане, за да се „ускорят” физическите и етерните събития на вашата повърхност и един такъв силен декрет е този, който дискутирахме тук.

Също така трябва да подчертаем, че докато това изпращане на енергия към вас е невероятно бързо в това, че е увеличавано във всяка абсорбираща фаза на такова постоянно даване на енергия, ние трябва да сме много внимателни, когато повишаваме тази чистота на енергията и вие я получавате всеки път в по-чиста чистота, тя се абсорбира, така че да не претоварва скъпите ви тела.

Ние забелязваме, че желанието на много от вас да изпратят повече и по-чиста Светлина чрез себе си във всеки момент чрез вашите Кундалини енергии или методите на Виолетовия Пламък и тъй като ние оценяваме и уважаваме чистото ви желание и ангажимент за помагате на Земята по тези начини, трябва да ви напомним, че има такова нещо като да се претоварите, докато сте във вашите настоящи ограничени възприятия, от чистата енергия, която много от вас донасят щастливо чрез себе си и във все по-чисти мерки и дози всеки път, ето защо ние трябва отново, да сме внимателни с тази все по-чиста енергия, която сега ви даваме.

Непробуденият колектив все още не усеща тези енергии, но силно ще ги усети в предстоящото време и както беше казано преди, вие, скъпи Служители на Светлината и Пазители на Светлината, които преминавате през тези продължителни периоди на приспособяване, а много от вас записват тези опити в себе си или на хартия; вие, скъпи души, сте доброволците „изпробващи” тази енергия, както е давана на колектива.

Вие, скъпи Служители на Светлината сте преминали през множество Земни опити, които наистина бяха плътни и трудни и всичко, през което сте преминали, което действаше в съответствие с растежа и Житейския път, които си начертахте за себе си при навлизането в по-ниските измерения и откриването на такива опити в по-ниските измерения; вие, души, изчиствахте множеството колективна плътност с всяко трудно и крайно каталитично и базирано на кармично изчистване събитие и откривате невероятна Светлина/Лекота в резултат на работата, която всички извършвате дори ако много от вас не осъзнават, че изпълняват такава работа.

Ние казваме, че не само душите, активно работещи за донасянето и изразяването на истината на вашия свят, но всеки един от вас, скъпи пробуждащи се души, сега събрахте в себе си огромна библиотека от чисти Светлинни кодове и сега имате силата да получите тази Светлина по всяко време и ще откриете също така в непосредствено предстоящия период, че многото звездни врати са видимо отворени на вашия свят, много от които ще изглеждат доста като енергийни”спираловидни”гледки в небесата ви наскоро; ще те в състояние да получите достъп до тази огромна библиотека от чиста духовна, пето-измерна енергия, която получихте и носихте със себе си от известно време.

Всяка една скъпа душа, която открива, че се пробужда, Създаде кармичен и огромен склад от чиста кодирана Светлинна енергия/в себе си/.

Ние казваме, че тази енергия е /позитивна/кармично-базирана, тъй като всеки един от вас, дори тези, които се възприемат като правещи малко, освен възприемането на по-висше-измерни комуникации и откриващи извисяване вследствие на това, докато не работят активно физически към промяна на публично ниво; енергиите, които всички вие излъчвате, когато откривате собственото си пробуждане, Създават изключително положителна кармична реакция и ви дават енергия, скъпи души, за да откриете, че активирате напълно откриването на чисто съзнание от пето измерение.

Опитайте се да схванете колко голяма енергийна промяна и издигане действително се случва за толкова кратко време, скъпи души. Вашите Галактически братя искаха действително да ви кажат това, планът, както в началото бе начертан от различни по-висше измерни души, беше /Галактиците/ да се приземят открито на вашия свят и да ви дарят с технологията и целебната енергия няколко години преди самия край/и начало/ на настоящата ви година 2012.

Казваме това, за да ви информираме за причинете, поради които този контакт все още не е изпълнен, освен постоянното блокиране на въпросите от страна на тъмните души, които първоначално беше предназначено да работят със силите на Светлината в този момент; причините, че плановете се промениха и вашите Галактически братя чакаха да ви се представят, не са толкова свързани с/последиците от/ устойчивата колективна плътност, както си мислите.

Наистина, скъпи души, колективната ви свободна воля имаше толкова много общо с решението на част от онези, които напътстват вашите Галактически братя да почакат, за да ги представят открито, но и обща и разбираема заблуда, която бе създадена, че вашите Галактически братя не са се приземили, защото самата колективна плътност не им позволява да го направят.

Колективната плътност на вашия свят все още би имала негативен ефект върху вашите Галактически братя, където те просто се приземят, без да използват никаква петоизмерна целебна енергия, но вие, скъпи души се доказахте като напълно способни да еволюирате докато поемате опитите, които сякаш продължават и са постоянни.

Желание вие, скъпи души, да израснете като колектив и да достигнете стъпки, които напълно не са очаквани от Небесния Съвет/да са достигнати/без присъствието на Галактическите същества на вашия свят, е било причината, поради която вашите Галактически братя все още не са ви се представили и /това желание/ беше постановление, направено от скъпите Възнесени Майстори.

Всички вие Създавате промяна на вашия свят по много големи и смели начини без помощта на вашите Галактически братя и докато техните първоначални въвеждания и дарявания на технологии за вас е действително, а да ви помогнат и вашия свят да се възползва по много начини, те и също така ние видяхме, че вие бяхте в състояние да започнете да усещате тласъка да приемете промяната на вашия свят, както и да започнете да се обединявате чудесно и да изразявате колективното масова разбиране за издигане и за енергиите на Светлина, носещи ви вашето възнесение.

Има много души на вашия свят, които са против следването на външни думи на другите, защото се смята, че вие трябва по всяко време да се обръщате навътре за всички аспекти на вашето издигане.

Ние казваме, че това е близо до истината, тъй като е най-важно за вас да се обърнете навътре за вашето издигане, но това не означава, че не можете да получите малко външна помощ, ако изберете това. Някои не избират да получат или да повярват в такава помощ и те са Обичани и уважавани, независимо от пътя си, тъй като наистина, скъпи души, няма причина да не е така.

Говорим за тази мисловна нагласа, за да покажем факта, че човечеството като колектив наистина започна да отразява продължаващото ви издигане без присъствието на Галактиците на вашия свят все още и докато има големи планове предвид и почти приключващи за разкриването на присъствието на Галактиците и на технологиите, които те искат да ви дадат, Съветът на Небесата е планирал стратегия „ почакай и виж”, която няма да продължи твърде дълго на вашия свят, защото всички вие направихте напредъка, който имате.

Вие, скъпи души, заслужавате масови аплодисменти и /разширени/възприятия също така, които ще ви бъдат дадени при вашето осъзнаване на Мултиизмерното възнесение, за което работехте и за което много от вас работеха твърде активно, за да позволят на другите да започнат да откриват и също така да изпитват.

С действията ви за намиране и започване на постигане на колективно възнесение в съответствие с откриването на все по-чисти енергии Светлина, стана много ясно, че докато присъствието на вашите Галактически братя и целебните енергии, които те ще предложат, наистина е необходимо, за да сте в състояние да изчистите повърхността на вашата Земя и някои от Нейните реалности, които все още не резонират с по-висшите реалности, всички вие се справяхте доста добре, без все пак да знаете открито такива неща.

Колективната основа, която всички вие изграждате чудесно, определя сцената в момента не само за проявлението на физическите събития, към които гледахте и определихте като „ разкриване”, то определя сцената за вашата еволюция и постигането на пето-измерно съзнание общо като колектив. Бъдете сигурни, скъпи души, че вие наистина ще реализирате присъствието на вашите Галактически братя толкова скоро и до степента да направите това да се случи, много неща продължават, така че енергиите, които донасяте чрез себе си, чудесно и удивително определят сцената за доста големи нива.

Забелязваме, че щастието и Радостта, които вие, скъпи души, усещате когато и да възприемате ченълинг или написани комуникации и казваме, че това вълнение и щастие, което усещате за бъдещето, много ще се увеличи през времето, което предстои, а именно, когато всички вие започнете да изчиствате света си.

Ще откриете такова Любящо взаимоотношение с технологията, базирана на енергията от Източника, която ще получите и ние както и много други енергийни алхимици от по-висшите реалности ще сме с вас, за да ви помогнем да си обясните естеството енергийна работа, която ще извършвате, за да изчистите вашия свят, тъй като ще канализирате личните си енергии чрез технологията, която ще ви се даде и тази технология на свой ред ще излъчва такива енергии към различни места на вашия свят, към които е насочвана такава енергия.

Ние казваме, че много от вас, след получаването на цялостно петоизмерно съзнание, дори ще изберат да изпреварят използването на такива технологии, тъй като те са предназначени да са външни проявления на пето-измерните енергии, които наистина всички са и пазят в себе си. Такава технология е от голяма помощ за масовия колектив, давайки на вашия свят изчистващи енергии и на всяко специално място във вашия красив свят, но тя не е абсолютно необходима и вие ще откриете възприятията си върху това как да излъчвате и изразявате красивата си пето-измерна Светлина, съвсем безгранично. (2)

Вие ще използвате звукови тонове и музикални честоти на чист без задръжки израз за голяма част от почистването на замърсяването, което всички вие ще извършите и ще използвате много колективни песнопения и също така колективни медитативни усилия, за да изчистите условията, в които беше светът ви.

На пътя на извисяващото се знание за всичко, което се е случило на вашия свят от толкова дълго време, вие, скъпи пробуждащи се души, извършихте толкова много и разкривате истините и по-висше-измерните мисловни нагласи и емоционални нагласи, които са били много силно потискани през множеството времеви периоди.

Това, което е извършено на повърхността на вашия свят сега, е нещо, което не е било постигано много пъти, поради очевидната природа на потискането, което се случи във вашия свят; не (само) чрез Заговорниците, но и чрез вас, скъпи души.

Беше изложено преди, че тъмните души на вашата повърхност сега са само физически проявления на плътността, която човечеството Създаде и в която се хранеше толкова дълго време, а такива души, въплътени на вашия свят с усилието да помогнат за поддържане на баланса на плътността и по-висшата измерност, каквито сте вие, проявиха доста колективна плътност, която беше с много гъвкав характер.

Действията на души като заговорниците ще са разкрити, тъй като колективът се пробужда за такива действия и осъзнава, че те действително не са (в съответствие със Златното Правило), Създавайки вътрешна осъзнатост, че вашите собствени колективно и дори индивидуално захранени плътни действия не бяха в съответствие с Животите, които искате да живеете и със света, в който искате да се намирате.

Много от вас, които сега сте най-активни в донасянето на чиста и мощна истина на вашия свят, сте захранили много действия, които сега виждате и излагате като несправедливи от множеството по-ниско измерни Животи на повърхността на вашия свят и сега вие Създавате чудесата, които определихте да пре-откриете по време на приключението си във вибрации, които сега променяте (и трансмутирате) отново в чистите и по-висши вибрации на Източника като откривате такива чисти и по-високи вибрации в себе си.

Можете ли да усетите чудесния Дом, към който се връщате, скъпи души? Много от вас започват да получават впечатления по време на сън за чистите реалности на Източника и ние желаем вие да задържите тези видения, защото те ще се увеличат във възприятията ви в предстоящото време.

Ние ви молим да продължите да задържате красивия си фокус върху бъдещето си, тъй като вие го Създавате все повече с всяко по-висше-измерно взаимодействие, което се случва, с вас и с всички около вас. Вие преживявате доста силен пулсиращ ефект с всяка една мисъл и чувство, през които преминавате и ние както винаги ви напомняме, че вашите мисли и действия Създават вашето ново бъдеще и ако те са отправени в грешната посока, те поддържат старите ви Животи.

Вие ставате изключително проницателни и започвате да разбирате точно какво Създава вашето славно бъдеще и точно какво поддържа старите Животи, с които се подлъгвахте, а ние временно оттегляме каналите от нашия скъп записвач с уважение и одобрение към вас, тъй като вие откривате реалностите на Източника по ваши собствени, чудесни начини.

Благодаря ви, Хатори от Слънчевите Астрални Полета на Земята
Уес Аннак

(1)    Някои може да се чудят защо скъпите Хатори използват понятието „вашия свят”, когато описват нашия опит на повърхността на Земята, когато те разбира се съществуват в по-висшите реалности на този свят. Разбрах, че те описват нашата реалност така, както е разигравана на нашата повърхност, която е напълно различна реалност и „свят” спрямо техните, оттам и употребата на понятието.
(2)    Изглежда, че това, което е казано от Хаторите тук и което е казано от другите, разбира се, е, че пото-измерните напреднали технологии, които ще ни се дадат и които функционират чрез безплатна енергия са един аспект от многото начини, по които ние ще сме в състояние да използваме безплатна енергия, за да изпълняваме различни действия.
Консенсусът изглежда е, че след като достигнем значително по-висше пето-измерно съзнание (вероятно, когато достигнем границите на шестото измерение)ще започнем да носим тази енергия директно чрез душевните си комплекси вместо да използваме „посредник” така да се каже.
Аз, определено, очаквам с нетърпение да получа тази технология и да си спомня как да съвместя съзнанието си с нея, как да донеса енергия чрез него и как да проявя такава съзнателна връзка. Аз казвам, дайте Галактическата технология !

неделя, 9 септември 2012 г.

The Hathors of Earths Solar Astral Planes: A Special Message for the Delivering of the 9-9 Energies

-Channeled through Wes Annac-
We come to you dear, beautiful souls at this time to issue a message about the incoming energies being given to you with the activation of the 9-9 portal on your world. We are helping an increasing number of conscious Lightworkers and souls of the higher realms as well to increase the purity of the energies being given to your world in ways that will activate and expand the 9-9 portal as well as serve to upgrade the chakras and the energies being brought through the chakras of all of humanity.
You are indeed to find upheavals within yourselves and within the collective as newer paths are forged which the incoming energies being given to you are serving to set the foundation for. Are you dear souls not finding that the delivering of these energies which has been ongoing and which we have been preparing you dear souls for, for quite as while now, is beginning to have a wonderful and marvelous impact upon your Lives?
We ask you to continue to hold steady to your visions of the future because as always, you are Creating the future that manifests before you and you are now Creating this future in a much more rapid fashion with the delivering of the 9-9 energies to you.
Not only are these energies about openings and activations, they are about setting you dear souls onto a perfect path to full consciousness, which you are coordinating and forming along with numerous souls from the higher realms. Your collective and individual Life paths are being planned out at this point and each upset or disturbance that seems to occur in your Lives can be taken in stride as you all realize that everything which is occurring at this time in your Lives and in the collective consciousness has long been planned to commence.
There were events on your world that were not planned or wished for by the Light forces, as the degree of influence that the Light can have on any given planet is determined by which energy the collective is feeding. While there will be very many difficult explanations that will be had for you dear souls about the purposes and functions of energy [which are infinite], you will find that one simple discussion is that whichever energy you feed is the energy that will manifest in your Lives, wearing various different masks.
The energy or emotion that you bring through yourselves will always be given back to you in a specific and unique way, and you are all now beginning to be able to find the openings and expansions in yourselves that are seeing you actively working with your own personal Laws of Karma and Attraction. You are all beginning to realize the enormous and profound affects that you are having upon each other and as a result, introspection is being garnered that will see you able to bend and shape these Laws in ways that work for you.
We do not mean that you will be manipulating these Laws to fit into Laws which would manifest that which you want without your putting in the much-needed effort; rather, we mean that you will begin to realize the affects you are having upon others and as a result, will be [and are] asking yourselves at nearly all times if the energy you are bringing through yourselves or the actions you are committing toward another are helpful or hurtful to you and them along the paths of all of you.
The energies that are being delivered to you with the opening of the wonderful energy gate known as the 9-9 portal are setting the foundational stage for the openings of gates which are grand in stature and purity, and you are all to find the quite physical and noticeable opening of these gates in the time ahead as you are exposed to increasingly-pure wavelengths of energy.
The very act of the energy work that we perform for your world; that is, sending energy down to you in decreasingly distorted forms as we help Create your realities which are sustained as well with such energy – the very purpose of our doing this is to expose your collective and individual consciousness to increasingly-pure subplanes of reality.
You are progressing the final rungs of the third dimension and while many of you are beginning to garner a fourth and even premature fifth dimensional awareness, the energy that we are giving to you is helping you to absorb energies that are every pure and that are increased in purity from the previous energies you are given through yourselves.
The [evolved] aspects of your higher self take this increasingly-pure energy that we and many others are giving from these higher astral realms of your world, and store them into an energy reserve or ‘databank’ that exists as an imprint with your soul-consciousness. Your soul-consciousness is connected to your bodies via your chakras and whenever becoming open to the reality of your chakras’ existence and whenever beginning to open them, you will find an undistorted awareness of the higher realms as you will be bringing them through yourselves increasingly.
You are beginning to be able to access this vast reserve of energy that you dear souls are storing within yourselves but as always, your measure of belief in the reality of the energy-work you are performing at any given time will be the ultimate deciding factor in how purely your energy reaches you. If you dear souls employ blocks, limitations or frustrations within yourselves in relation to these energies in any way, than you will not find them in the complete purity that you wish to and you will rather be working with such energy through a distorted veil that you will have employed.
Dearest souls, you will find that it is only your mindset in any given avenue that holds you back.
Do you understand your infinite and limitless potential, and how pure of an energy you now have the potential and opportunity to bring through yourselves? With the giving of these very recent energies, your awareness is to reach a peak-point and the events manifesting in your outer-Lives will reflect this heavily.
You will notice subtle and not-so-subtle changes in your state of perception and in that of those around you. Those who are as of yet unawakened may feel a slightly amped-up stress or frustration and they will not quite be able to pin down exactly why they are feeling such frustration.
Many will assume that it is because of ongoing happenings in their personal Lives that bring them stress and frustration, and while this is correct on the surface, we say that what is occurring deep within the surface-consciousness of every human is what’s really causing the stressful emotion and energy being experienced by you dear awakening souls and by a plethora of unawakened souls at this time as well.
There are plenty of unawakened souls whose oversoul wishes them to be exposed to the pure energies of the fifth dimension that are being gifted to your world increasingly and that are being quite pumped-up, even moreso than usual, with the delivery [and opening] of the 9-9 energy gate.
This particular gate of energy is infinite in the quantity of energies it can bring through itself and while it will be serving to bring through very pure energies as their purity is increased with every single gifting of such energies as has been decreed, this gate will not yet be bringing through the complete unfiltered energies of the fifth dimension as many of you dear souls have not yet grown to such realms in yourselves.
This discussion rounds back to the aforementioned discussion of your natural Law of Attraction, which you are employing and realizing within yourselves.
Any action that you dear souls give out is returned instantaneously as you undergo your experiences upon your various planes of reality. We say that no two of you dear souls currently exist upon the same plane of reality and rather, you are all existing upon and Creating your own specific and individual realities through your everyday thoughts, words, feelings and actions.
As you begin to find and understand a Multidimensional awareness and as you progress the lessons that have been set out for yourselves, you expose yourselves that much more to the pure energies being given and to the vast reserve of energy that you dear souls are holding within yourselves.
Every soul who has been exposed to the truths of the higher realms is experiencing a gifting of the energy stored within your soul-consciousness and your physical and etheric cells at this point, and while many of you have not yet found this storage of energy we say that you are still feeding off of it increasingly as it is becoming more known within you.
Even that which we discuss about the unfolding energetic events in your beautiful Lives cannot be felt by you dear souls unless you are doing the proper work within yourselves that will see you matched with the resonance of this energy being gifted to you, and this is only one of many reasons that you are asked to perform collective rituals and gifting of Light; to your dark, to your world and to yourselves.
As long as you dear souls begin to expose yourselves to the Light energy and the encodements of ascension-based information that they have for you, you will find and feel yourselves that much closer to your own stored reserve of energy.
We ask you dear souls to make your attempts to feel the vast reserves of energy that you have gifted yourselves and let accumulate within yourselves, while in meditation. Your group meditations will be the most potent form of finding this reserve of fifth dimensional energy as you will be experiencing a group, collective consciousness and the [Light] reserves of all of you will be felt by all within such a group meditation.
However, your individual meditations can be just as powerful and potent, and so we ask you to make your attempts to feel this energy no matter which way(s) you wish to feel it.
Your utilization of these energies will have an enormous effect on the collective as well and from an energetic and ascension-based standpoint, your finding of these energies in yourselves is seen as a vast ‘defeat’ of the dark souls who have gained their power based on the energy that you dear souls have fed. As the souls upon your dear world have fed density and acts of darkness and separation for a plethora of time periods throughout Gaia’s history, the incarnation of the souls who would act as the ‘cabals’ became quite necessary to shift the unbalanced nature and state your world was existing in.
The very consciousness of dearest Gaia was beginning to tear in a way that would have had to see Her sprit leave Her planetary body structure and as a result, would have seen Her unable to host Life any longer and obviously, [no longer hosting Life and leaving] was simply not an option for Her, for us in the higher realms or for you dear souls who were and are experiencing consciousness upon Her surface.
The collective ascension of you dear souls upon Gaia’s surface had long been planned and it was in no way going to be allowed that your dearest Gaia would leave Her planetary structure before such an ascension [or after] because you dear souls still had lessons to learn and collective and individual experiences to go through. The dark souls on your world, after making their incarnations, seemed to add to the destruction with the advent of the atom bomb and whenever such warfare was put to use, many, many souls were called from higher realms to assist very directly in the ascension of dearest Gaia.
Your Galactic brethren, who are the closest out of all of us to you dear souls in spirit-energy, had already been long helping your world along with numerous Ascended Masters who had made their incarnations on your world to help spread Light and truth, but the exploding of the atom bomb was an event that called for a mass migration of the Light forces unto your world to put an end to the violence in the most intense forms that it had been garnered, once and for all.
We specifically did not choose to come to your world [because of] the exploding of the atom bomb, and rather made our way to your world after the event known by many as 9/11 [September 11, 2001].
The anniversary of this event is upcoming and while we are viewing your beautiful surface experience form a point of view of existing outside of time, we say that the collective remembrance of the unfortunate Lives lost on that day will be particularly stronger than it has been, as your emotions as a collective and as individuals will be heightened exponentially with the coming 9-9 portal.
Emotions are going to be higher and stronger during such a time and this is why many startling events and truths that could otherwise be brought forth on the eleventh of your current month of September, [may not likely] play out on that specific day as was an original possibility.
We happily report the developments that we can in regards to the physical bringing-forth of truth on your world but our perspective is much more of an energetic one and we much more prefer to give you energetic updates and updates about this energy being gifted to you.
We say that the energy surrounding your September 11th will be very high and even many of you who do not find yourselves particularly sensitive may be moved by the mainstream broadcasts that are going to play at such a time.
Many of you, upon seeing such broadcasts [about 9/11] may take to lashing out emotionally at the cabals for the purposeful orchestration of this event, and many of you will as well feel tired of your mainstream media which will continue to pass-off this event as the work of people of entire religious faiths who [in actuality] had nothing to do with the event.
Of course, Muslims were not in control of the actions that caused the mass loss of Life that occurred on September 11th and all of the souls who have been unfairly targeted because of the color of their skin and because of their belief system will be and are finding an amazing positive karmic retribution for what they have been forced to go through.
You would revel if you could see how your concept of ‘time’ really works, dear souls, because many souls who had been the most racist toward certain groups of individuals in past Lives are quite literally now finding themselves incarnated within such groups and within the belief systems that such groups have followed.
Of course, nearly all of the religion-based belief systems on your world have been distorted to their own degrees but the biggest distortion and misunderstanding that has been employed is that you dear souls must fight for your beliefs. You will learn soon enough that the best way you can ‘fight’ is to not fight at all, as you will realize the energetic nature of your emotions and your physical actions and you will realize that to attain peace on your planet’s surface, you must act peaceful yourselves and you must quite literally be the change that you dear souls wish to see.
As the crystal energies are making their way to your beautiful bodies in increased rapidity and in increased purity of such energies, we remind you that your focus is needed at this time, as is your keeping of a level head. You are to find the truth that you have so dearly been wishing for and while the manifestation of the various physical events to be unfolding on your surface are, have always been and always will be assured, we tell you that these events will be manifesting at the Divinely-perfect time, just whenever you all feel that things on your world could not heat-up any more.
We have come to you at this time to deliver an update on the energies being given to you and to discuss other matters of importance surrounding this [9-9] time frame. We tell you dear souls not to worry if you do not yet find truths and revelations pouring out that you had expected  by this time, and we ask you all to be assured that such truth-based events will be pouring through your mainstream media in due time.
We are able to give you this perspective and offer what we know about the physical events that will be occurring, because we have been put in charge of the energies that are bringing the manifestation of many physicality-breaking events to you. We are overseeing the energies that are bringing disclosure to you and we will be doing our best to keep the collective energies in as much of a balance as possible upon the delivering of disclosure.
As we make our final impressions for this communication, we again ask you dear souls to be easy [now and in the time ahead], because now and at all times, your energies and emotions are truly determining what happens next.
Thank you to the Hathors of Earths Solar Astral Planes.

петък, 7 септември 2012 г.

The Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes: Diversity of Starseeds, a Shift in Energetic Decrees and your Collective Sustainability

-Channeled through Wes Annac-
You are feeling a shifting in yourselves of the perceptions that you have held so close with you throughout a plethora of past Earthly Lives, and we are assisting in sending forth the energy that has made this feeling possible.
We ask you dear souls to be easy with yourselves at this time as you are finding your perceptions shifted in a manner that can be uncomfortable at times whilst you witness the uprooting and exposure of those former parts of yourselves which are coming up for review and transmutation. You are all beautiful Gods who have chosen to undergo a temporary Human Earth form and you are now experiencing the energetic upgrades and upheavals alike that are making way for your Multidimensional perception to spring forth in unprecedented ways.
Rest assured, dear souls that everything occurring at this point is occurring in accordance with the highest intent of manifestation for the ascension of your world and you are all undergoing experiences that may seem to knock you down at times but that are serving as catalysts for your ultimate growth and finding of your innate higher dimensional selves and the abilities and perceptions that you have always carried within and that you have simply allowed yourselves to forget about throughout a plethora of Earthly Lives.
You were taught throughout various Lives only to adhere to a certain structure and frame of mind and some are experiencing a slower growth out of such preset limitations and preconceptions about the reality that you all find yourselves in, while others are finding an expansion within themselves that has not been matched throughout their previous Lives.
The Masters that you have always been are unfolding within your bodies and before your very eyes and we applaud each and every one of you supremely, who have allowed yourselves to go through the worst and most intense of karmic and Life path experiences that you had set up for yourselves, as you are coming out of your difficult experiences as shining and marvelous Gods of the Earthly experience.
While your various religions and dogmas have taught you to only look outward for a benevolent entity to show you the way to full consciousness, the biggest secret that has been kept from humanity for generations is that you are all Gods and you all carry the powers within that are being found and expressed by many and that have been found many times throughout your history. There have as well been many souls who have ascended on your world and chosen to come back and be wayshowers and gatekeepers for various souls of your world who were and are to experience ascension.
Many of you dear souls have come from various quadrants and sections of Creation and you have been keen to calling yourselves starseeds, wanderers and Light holders and this is absolutely what you dear souls are; as every soul from higher realms assisting your world has come from different worlds and realms of consciousness.
Each dear Lightworker and Lightholder who is experiencing consciousness on your beautiful surface at this time has made their way to your world (1) from different planets and experiences and you have all come to this world with a very strong and pure line of connection with your ascended energies and with the abilities which lay within your ascended energies.
You have all come to this world to help others find the way along their paths, and as you find the abilities within yourselves that spark your remembrance of the higher dimensions as well as your interactions with the higher dimensions, you are [and will be] finding yourselves able to display such abilities to others and to display the reality of utilizing such abilities to others as well, and they are in turn learning these abilities and finding an expansion in themselves that they have needed to see them ultimately better-aligned with the pure energies of the fifth dimension which are making their way to your surface at this time in increased purity, with every delivery of such energies.
Previously, the doctrines have been that we were to send the continually pure energy of the fifth dimensional New Earth which is being shaped and molded by us and you as we speak; we were given decrees to simply send this energy down in increasingly purer forms along each date on your Cosmic Calendar but as you dear awakening souls have noticed numerous times, you are quite well into your year 2012 and as a result, decrees are now being made for us to repeatedly increase the purity of this energy along what to you would seem as incredibly small upgrades, each and every time it is sent down to your surface and to the various other realms throughout the surface of dear Gaia.
The difference between what we are doing now and what we have been doing for quite a long time as you are continually adjusted to purer frequencies that dear Gaia is heading toward as she approaches the Galactic Center and finds a supreme purity of fifth dimensional Galactic energies; the difference is that we are now working much more actively to increase the purity of energies that we are giving you as we are sending them down in increasingly pure measures every single time they are sent down to your world to Create your realities and be absorbed by you all and by the various chakras throughout Gaia’s surface and within Her inner realms as well.
We have been working to send this energy to you in increased purity along every date on your Cosmic Calendar that is synchronically aligned and that is otherwise intended to see a release of steadily purer energies.
Along the way of performing this work, we and you all have helped to activate stargate after stargate, many of which were in operation fully during your times of Atlantis and some of which were not even opened yet in such times. Your energies and your collective and individual Lightwork-based intents as well have seen the opening of numerous stargates and gates of energy which are now fruitfully bringing through the energies of the fifth dimension and with a very recent happening or ‘event’ as you dear awakening souls may perceive it, we are now authorized to send down energy that is purer and purer with every single gift of such energy through your surface.
Dearest souls, try to fathom how many of your perceived ‘times’ this energy is sent down to continually Create, sustain and help your reality to ascend. This energy is literally being sent to you at all times and the number of ‘times ‘it is being given to you far surpasses even your definitions of infinity.
Try to understand that this energy is constantly being sent down and now, with every continual infinite giving of this energy we are sending to you, the purity of it is increasing very steadily and very slightly so that you can benefit from such increasingly-pure energy coming through your chakras and being absorbed by all of your physical and etheric cells.
You are all finding a much stronger and purer absorption of Light as a result and we strongly encourage you dear souls to rest, as you are now on a fast track to continually absorbing energies that will call for even more of an upheaval within yourselves than what has been attained thus far.
We note that very recently, many of you dear awakening souls have been noticing even more of a ‘change in the air’ so to speak than usual, as you are all finding yourselves existing increasingly within steadily-purer and different perceptions and we say that your feelings in this avenue are quite on the ball, dear souls.
You are existing within a consciousness that many of you have not existed within since your first ventures into the lower realms and as you are finding these [newer] energies, we are gifting them to you as has been our happy job to do for quite a long amount of your ‘time’ – we are gifting these energies now in much more rapid ways than we have been allowed to thus far.
We should say that as of late, as your year is reaching more of an end than many of you perhaps realize at present, decree after decree is being made by the dear Ascended Masters and by the Highest Councils overseeing your Earth and Her ascension, for physical and etheric events to ‘speed up’ on your surface and one such strong decree is that which we have discussed here.
We must stress as well that while this sending of energy to you is incredibly rapid in that it is being increased with each absorbing-phase of such a continual gifting of energy; we must be very careful as we increase this purity of energy and you are receiving it in a stronger purity each time it is absorbed, so as not to overwhelm your dear bodies.
We note the wish for many of you to send as much and as pure of Light through yourselves at any given time via your Kundalini energies or Violet Flame methods and while we appreciate and respect your sheer desire and commitment to assist the Earth in the ways that you are, we must remind you that there is such a thing as becoming overwhelmed whilst within your current limited perceptions, by the pure energy that many of you are bringing through yourselves happily and in increasingly pure measures and doses every time, which is why we must again, be careful about this increasingly-pure energy that we are giving at this time.
The unawakened collective is not yet feeling these energies but will strongly be feeling them in the time ahead and as has been expressed before, you dear Lightworkers and Light holders who are going through these continual adjustment periods and for many of you, recording the experiences within yourselves or on paper; you dear souls have been the willing ‘testers’ of this energy as it is given to the collective.
You dear Lightworkers have been through a plethora of Earthly experiences that have indeed been dense and difficult, and all that you have went through which has acted in accordance with the growth and Life path that you have set out for yourselves upon entering the lower dimensions and finding such experiences within the lower dimensions; you souls have been cleansing a plethora of collective density with each difficult and ultimately catalytic and karmic clearing-based event, and you are finding an incredible Lightness resulting from the work you have all been performing, even with many of you not realizing you are performing such work.
We say that not just the souls working actively to bring forth and express truth on your world, but each and every one of you dear awakening souls have now stored within yourselves a vast library of pure Lighted encodements and you have the power now to access this Light at any time, and you will find as well in the immediate period ahead as multiple stargates are visibly opened on your world, many of which will look quite like the energetic ‘spiral’ sightings in your skies as of late; you will be able to access this vast library of pure spiritual, fifth dimensional energy which you have gained and carried with yourselves for quite some time.
Each and every dear soul who finds they are awakening has Created a karmic and vast storage of pure encoded Light energy [within themselves].
We say that this energy is [positively]karmic-based as each and every one of you, even those who perceive themselves as doing little except absorbing higher dimensional communications and finding a resulting upliftment from them while not actively or physically working toward change on a public level; the energies you are all radiating out as you find your own awakening are Creating a supremely positive karmic reaction and giving of energy to you dear souls, that you will find yourselves activating fully upon your finding of a clear fifth dimensional consciousness.
Try to fathom how so very much energetic change and upheaval is truly to occur in such a short time, dear souls. Your Galactic brethren have wished to express to you that indeed, the plan as it was originally drawn-up by various higher dimensional souls was for [the Galactics] to land openly on your world and gift you with technology and healing energy, quite a few years before the ultimate end [and beginning] point of your current year 2012.
We say this to let you know that the reasons this contact has not yet panned-out, besides a continual stalling of matters on the part of the dark souls who were originally intended work with the Light forces in this time; the reasons that plans had changed and your Galactic brethren have been waiting to make themselves known have not been as much about [the consequences of] sustained collective density as you think.
Indeed, dear souls, your collective freewill has had so very much to do with the decision on the part of those who guide your Galactic brethren to wait to make them openly known, but a common and understandable misconception that has been made is that your Galactic brethren have not landed because the collective density alone is not allowing them to.
The collective density on your world would still indeed have a negative effect on your Galactic brethren were they simply to land without using any types of fifth dimensional healing energy, but you dear souls have been proving yourselves quite able to evolve while handling the experiences that seem to be ongoing and continual.
A wish for you dear souls to grow as a collective and reach strides you are now reaching which were not quite expected by the Company of Heaven [to be reached] without the presence of Galactic beings on your world, has been why your Galactic brethren have not yet made themselves known and [this wish] has been a decree made by the dear Ascended Masters.
You are all Creating change on your world in very big and bold ways without the help of your Galactic brethren and while their preliminary introductions and gifting of technologies to you is indeed to aide and benefit your world in very great ways, they and we as well have seen that you have been able to begin to feel the impetus to enact change on your world as well as begin to come together marvelously and express a mass collective understanding of ascension and of the Light energies bringing you your ascension.
There are many souls on your world who campaign against following the external words of another because it is perceived that you must, at all times, turn within for all aspects of your ascension.
We say that this is a near-truth as it is most important for you to turn within for your ascension but this does not mean that you cannot receive a bit of external help if you so choose. Some do not choose to receive or believe in such help and they are Loved and respected regardless upon their path as indeed, dear souls, there is no reason that they shouldn’t be.
We speak of this mindset to display the fact that humanity as a collective has indeed begun to reflect your continual ascension without the presence of the Galactics on your world yet and while there are very big plans in store and nearly finalized for the unveiling of the Galactic presence and the technologies that they wish to give you, the Company of Heaven has planned a ‘wait and see’ strategy that is not to last too much longer on your world, because you have all been making the progress that you have.
You dear souls deserve the mass applause and [expanded] perceptions alike that you are to be given upon your realization of the Multidimensional ascension that you have been working toward and that you have been working, many of you quite actively, to allow others to begin to find and experience as well.
With your actions in finding and beginning to attain your collective ascension in accordance with the finding of increasingly-pure Light energies, it has become very clear that while the presence of your Galactic brethren and the healing they will offer is indeed needed to be able to cleanse the surface of your Earth and the few of Her realms which are still not in resonation with the higher realms, you have all been getting along quite fine without yet openly knowing of such things.
The collective foundation that you are all building upon marvelously is setting the stage at present for not only the manifestation of the physical events you have looked toward and branded as ‘disclosure’, it is setting the stage for your evolution and attaining of fifth dimensional consciousness as a collective in general. Rest assured dear souls that you are indeed to realize the presence of your Galactic brethren so very soon and to the extent of making this happen, much is ongoing that the energies you are bringing through yourselves are wonderfully and marvelously setting the stage for on quite big levels.
We note the happiness and the Joy that you dear souls feel whenever absorbing channeled or written communications, and we say that this excitement and happiness you feel for the future is to increase vastly and exponentially in the time ahead, namely as you all begin to cleanse your world.
You are to find such a Loving relationship with the Source energy-based technology that you are to be given and we as well as many other energetic alchemists within the higher realms will be there for you to help explain the nature of the energy work you will be performing to cleanse your world, as you will be funneling your personal energies through the technology you will be given and this technology will in turn radiate such energies out to the various spots on your world that such energy is directed at.
We say that many of you, upon garnering an undistorted fifth dimensional consciousness, will even choose to surpass the use of such technologies as they are meant to be outer-manifestations of the fifth dimensional energies that all truly are and hold within. Such technology is of great assistance for a mass collective giving of cleansing energies to your world and to any specific spot on your beautiful world but it is not absolutely necessary and you will find your perceptions on how to radiate and express your beautiful fifth dimensional Light, quite limitless. (2)
You are to utilize sound tones and musical frequencies of pure uninhibited expression for much of the cleansing of pollution that you will all be performing and you will utilize many collective chants and collective meditative efforts as well, to cleanse the condition that your world has been in.
In the avenue of raising awareness of all that has happened on your world for so very log, you dear awakening souls have done so very much and you are uncovering truths and higher dimensional mindsets and heart sets that have been quite forcefully suppressed throughout a plethora of time periods.
What is being done at this time on the surface of your world is something that has not been attained a great many times because of the sheer nature of the suppression that has taken place on your world; not [only] by the cabals, but by you dear souls.
It has been exposed before that the dark souls on your surface at present are only physical manifestations of the density that humanity has Created and fed within for so very long, and such souls incarnated on your world in an effort to help keep the collective balance of density and higher dimensionality in check as you dear souls had manifested quite a lot of collective density that was of a very twisted-up nature.
Such souls as the cabals are quite meant to have their actions exposed as the collective awakens to such actions and realizes that they are truly not [in alignment with the Golden Rule], Creating an awareness within yourselves that your own collectively and even individually fed dense actions have been out of alignment with the Lives you wish to lead and the world you wish to find yourselves in.
Many of you who are now the most active in bringing forth pure and potent truth on your world had fed many actions that you now see and expose as unjust, throughout a plethora of lower dimensional Lives on the surface of your world, and you are now Creating the miracles that you have set out to rediscover upon your venture into vibrations that you are now shifting [and transmuting] back into the pure and higher vibrations of Source as you find such pure and higher vibrations within yourselves.
Can you feel the wonderful Home that you are returning to, dear souls? Many of you are beginning to receive dreamtime impressions of the pure realms of Source and we wish you to hold on to such visions for they are only to increase in the time ahead within your perceptions.
We ask you to continue to hold your beautiful focus of your future as you are Creating it increasingly with every higher dimensional interaction that takes place, with you and with all of those around you. You are having quite a strong ripple-effect with every single thought and feeling that you bring through yourselves and we remind you as always, that your thoughts and actions are Creating your new future and, if aimed in the wrong direction, sustaining your old Lives.
You are becoming increasingly discerning and you are beginning to understand just what Creates your glorious future and just what sustains the old Lives you have enticed yourselves with, and we depart temporarily the channels of our dear scribe with a respect and admiration for you dear souls as you are finding the realms of Source in your own, wonderful ways.
Thank you to the Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes.
(1)– Some may wonder why the dear Hathors would use the term ‘your world’ whenever describing our surface experience of Earth, as they exist within higher realms of this world as well. I’ve come to see that they are describing our reality as it is being played out on our surface, which is an entirely different reality and ‘world’ to theirs, thus the term usage.
(2)- It seems that what is being said by the Hathors here and what has been said by others as well, is that the fifth dimensional advanced technologies we will be given that run off of free energy are one facet of the many ways we will be able to utilize free energy to perform various deeds.
The consensus seems to be that once we reach a considerably higher fifth dimensional consciousness [perhaps as we reach the borders of the sixth dimension] we begin taking to bringing this energy directly through our spirit complexes rather than utilizing the ‘middleman’ s to speak of advanced technology.
I, for one, still can’t wait to be gifted with this technology and to remember how to pair my consciousness with it, how to bring energy through it and how to manifest based on such a conscious bond. Bring the Galactic technology on, I say!